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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The run

Shazam...I am back.

I had pretty much given up on the blog but Kath asked me when I was going to pull my finger out and do a post about the run so here I am. The problem is my post was going to include our post race photo but the cowbag went and robbed the photo off my facebook for her own post so I haven't got anything good for you. I guess I could tell you how it went?

Okay - It was f@cking horrible. I would rather swim a mile in a lake of cold piss than run another half marathon. Kath seemed to float off like a dirty plastic bag caught in the wind whereas I was dragging my dead leg along with me for a good 8 miles. Actually the first 5 miles were sweeeeeet. I was feeling pretty good, especially considering I spent the two minutes prior to the race in a rather vulnerable state in the portaloo.

The weather was perfect and I had an immense wave of smugness wash over me when we ran through the picture perfect rolling fields of Grappenhall. That's right Boltonians, Warrington has its pretty bits and Katy and Kath have had concede this. In your face!

Rams Head Grappenhall - post run celebration venue
 The remainder of the race can be described via the following bullet points so as not to bore you -
  • Mile 3 drank way too much water at the water station
  • Mile 5 threw up water consumed at water station 
  • Mile 7 pain
  • Mile 8 more pain - got overtaken by lots of fat blokes
  • Mile 9 missed the nice old lady handing out sweets - very pissed off 
  • Mile 10 saw some jelly babies on the floor - wanted them, v. pissed off
  • Mile 11 got a tunnocks caramel bar off my mum, bit happier, pain
  • Mile 12 got overtaken by another fat bloke that I had overtaken at mile 11
  • Mile 13 cried, got overtaken by old women
  • Mile 13.1 got taken away by St Johns Ambulance
I am pleased to report I am safe and well, I have had to have an X-Ray on my hip but I think I am going to be fine. The truth is I shouldn't have run, I had been told as much but I wanted too. I had a virus the week before the run and hadn't run properly for 2 weeks prior due to injury but that's nothing compared to the misery of not running for something you have been training for for around 3 months.

But I don't care, even though I got a crappy time (for me - 2 hours 18) and walked a couple of the miles I still have an immense sense of achievement.

Kath rocked it again, the bitch! But I am well happy for her. And a big shabba to all the others -  Nikki (PB - super amazing time 1hr 39) and James, Katy and Matty who I think were first time half marathoners so all have PB's!

Kath says I am not allowed to run a half marathon again, my GP says I have to take up cycling instead and my chiropractor says I should cross train and consider events that involve less running because my body is fooked. But what do they know.

A big massive thanks to the St Johns Ambulance folk for scraping me off the floor at the finish line.

Sam x x

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