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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The receptionist that broke the camels back

The pressure is on now to write something good. This is a problem as I am fast running out of content.

this is me, any second now I am about to have my 'falling down' moment
So I went yoga last night after work, I think I could get addicted to this stuff. I got out of breath without moving very far at all and I felt super duper relaxed afterwards and nearly fell asleep on the mat at the end. I honestly haven't been that comfy since I swapped crop tops for bras and started blending valium into my smoothies.

The experience was a little ruined by the extremely annoying inefficient staff at *anonymous* sports centre. Now I don't want to think that I am an angry person but I am stressed man, big time. All the studes are back in Manchester causing havoc and muchos work for Kath and I and I am on the edge. I mean, I love students I do, but not all at once.

Said sports centre has an online booking system that doesn't fooking work in any browser, on any computer, under any circumstances. So you can imagine rabid I was when I tried to book on the phone only to receive an automated message telling me to book online - ARE YOU KIDDING ME, AGHHHHH.

3 days of ringing, 3! So I went down to the reception (i hadn't had time before because I am drowning in a sea of Disabled Students Allowance applications). When I get there what did the receptionist say -

R: Oh yeah, we stopped answering the phone cause it just keeps ringing and we're busy.

Me (in my head): WTF, that doesn't make any sense you fool. In fact that is just stupid and I want to murder you all.

Me (actually): Well are you aware that there is an automated message saying to book online but your online booking system does not work?

R: Oh really, that's weird isn't it.

Me (in my head): NO, not weird stupid. There is nothing weird about this situation, incompetent - YES.

Me (actually): well maybe you want to let someone know?!?

R: yeah (lacking sincerity), it's just so busy with the students so we just stopped answering the phones. It's weird because it was ringing loads yesterday.

Me (in my head): NO NOT WEIRD, it was me ringing and probably every other fecker who couldn't work the stupid  broken online system. CAN YOU NOT SEE THE CORRELATION??!?!?!

Me (actually): One for yoga please.

I kid you not.  I understand I may be overreacting somewhat as a result of fresher induced stress.
a completely random pictorial example of a local student serving leisure centre
That was a nice little anecdote wasn't it. No it wasn't, it doesn't matter because we won't win at the blog awards anyway. On a nicer note I just read one of the blogs in the 'best new blog category' and it made me laugh so unexpectedly I snorted robinsons cordial out of my nose. I don't want to tell you which one because I don't want to be biased because they are all great. I'll let you work out which one it was for yourself.

The important thing is that yoga is good and I like it and you should try it.

Sam out x

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