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Thursday, 1 September 2011


It's all about food this week.

Can I just apologise to any vegetarians in advance for the photo you are about to see. Livebait was pretty fit. Though I tell you, I wouldn't pay full price for the seafood platter because we were starving afterwards and then had to go and have a McDonalds meal afterwards which felt disgusting but good at the same time which made me wish I had morals about food which I don't so I just have to feel guilty instead. And I definitely, definitely didn't have a McDonalds apple pie as pudding either and I definitely didn't like it or make any kind of Mmmmmm noises whilst rubbing my tummy simultaneously.

Would I go again? Yes, definitely. The staff are super friendly and hard working and the restaurant is lovely inside and in a quite pretty part of town.

Would I pay full price - no way, it's way out of my usual budget but they often have special deals on and most dining cards give you a discount so you probably wouldn't have to pay full price.  Though I do understand the high costs are probably due to the current fish market prices. If I felt the fisherman were getting a good deal I wouldn't mind so much but I am not sure they do.

These posters are everywhere at the moment.


The Livebait Seafood Platter  -£70 normally (we paid £35) 

Me with my cutlery
Next time I'm going to have something more substantial like the fish and chips or the crab linguine because I am a fatty and have a massive fatty appetite which I would like to blame on running though its nothing to do with running, its just cause I'm a fatty and come from a long line of fatties.
My name's Sam and I am an addict.

I didn't run last night, Kath told me not to and you have to respect your elders and do what they tell you to.

Sam out x

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