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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Last Long Run

I've done my last long run before The Run. 

I meant to do 16k, but I got bored and thought I'd take a short cut and, you guessed it, I got lost, so I ended up doing 21. That's a half marathon, you know.

I did it in 2 hours 20, including a stop to ring my starving children who were waiting for their tea. With hindsight calling them to tell them that I didn't know where I was, nor when I would be back, was probably not terribly helpful or reassuring. I really am rubbish at this being a parent business.

My target for The Run is 2 hours 15, so I just need to shave a bit off on the day. I should be able to do that, provided I don't decide to make any completely pointless phonecalls along the way. That's if I ever walk again after tonight of course. I just went to ASDA to buy my post-run pizza and cakes nutrition, and the movement I was doing would best be described as shuffling. Not a great look.

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