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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Feet up

I'm taking it really easy this week. I have a swollen bit towards the bottom of my right leg* and it's being a bit niggly. Obviously if I hadn't been such a sanctimonious twat lecturing Sam about the perils of running while injured for the last few weeks I'd be right out there running, but as it is I'm not.

Tonight's exercise consisted of me lifting Thorntons mini chocolate fudge brownies from the packet to my mouth. I probably shouldn't have had the whole packet, but you get to the point of no return with these things.

Just to remind you that this blog is occasionally about mental health, I have my first appointment for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy through the NHS tomorrow. I've Googled it, and it is a "talking therapy". What it's supposed to do is change my behaviour so I manage problems better. I guess the first problem I have is going for talking therapy when I don't like talking.....

*apologies for the medical jargon. I should be a student nurse with all my anatomical knowledge. My favourite student nurse story is about the one who didn't know which course she was on. Someone told her it was the DPSN course, whereupon she asked how to spell it.

I wish it wasn't true, but it is.

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  1. My favorite student nurse story is the one about the young woman who asked my former boss if there was a difference between grams and kilograms!

    Or it was a pharmacy student. Something terrifying, anyway!


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