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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fat tongues and spikey balls

Hello dear readers

Kath and I haven't spoken yet about what were going to do about the blog now we've completed the half marathon. We have decided though that we will run the Manchester 10km next May - though we are yet to enter cause it's £38 and we haven't been paid yet.

What I can say is that we both NEED to have something to work towards otherwise we go a little off the rails, become depressed and get exceptionally fat (the last bit only really refers to me).

We've just come to the end of our week off running (post run) and now is the time to start thinking about getting on it again. I think I have decided to cross train in the gym as I can't run until I get the results of my x-ray. Kath is going to keep up the Parkruns and plans to go swimming (though never does).

I have been happy as a clam about this week off, it doesn't feel like a guilty week and I have been having a banging old time eating whatever I want (because of course I was so restrained pre-run - gafaw) including veggies sausage and egg butties, chilli onion rings, curry, lemon syrup pancakes and pizza. The pizza was ill advised due to a little yeast intolerance, it made my tongue swell up. I am thinking that this is bad because it didn't used to happen. I ended up accidentally biting it as well cause the little chubber couldn't fit in between my teeth. Don't ask me to say 'fluffy bunnies' after anything breadlike.

I think I am heading towards a rocky road of anaphylaxis. Death by pizza, not a bad way to go I reckon.

To stem the boredom I have been indulging in my favourite hobby - internet shopping. It's Kaths' too but she is trying to go cold turkey.

So I haven't been indulgent, I have just been investing in my well being. A chiropractor at the race made me sit on this and roll about on it to loosen my tight muscles (after she told me she couldn't treat me properly because I am under the care of someone else -  yeah thanks). So its medically official  - I have a tight bottom.

This thing's okay, it seems to get things moving again but I feel a bit ripped off because I spent a fiver on it and then I remembered I have two other such shaped balls that I use in the tumble dryer to help speed up the drying process. I am a sucker for gadgets though. If you fancy one for yourself here's a link

I think its about time to get out of bed now and do something productive, like tying a novelty toy to the cats tail and then watch him run around in circles for a couple of hours.

laters - Sam x

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