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Saturday, 17 September 2011


Counting down the hours rather than the days now. Oh dear.

My leg's a lot better than it has been. I did a very gentle 5k last night, and I told myself it was hurting and I'd better stop running, but it's loads better today when I definitely don't have to do any running.

I'm off to Warrington today for a pre-race Pasta Party, which is part of the prize that I won. I should get my New Balance training kit (presumably so I can train for next year's half marathon...) and be "presented with my race-day running top, possibly by some mystery guests." So that's very exciting. Nothing I like more than a room full of strangers looking at me.

I've checked out Warrington's famous people to try and narrow down who the mystery guests could be, but when the list includes The Mayor of Warrington (who I am sure is very famous - in Warrington) and the first Lord Leverhulme (who is actually famous for being from Bolton, and also for being dead) I'm not holding my breath for meeting some huge celebrity. Kerry Katona seems to be the best I can hope for, and it's not often you see those words together in a sentence.

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