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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bikram Yoga - good if you don't cry

I'm not in good shape at the moment, I have been ill for a few days but today I was feeling much more chipper. And from a friends nagging recommendation  I decided to give Bikram Yoga a crack, I can't run at the moment and haven't for 5 days now. I am beyond gutted about it so yoga seemed like a sensible alternative.

I figured yoga is pretty good for you, sauna's are pretty good for you so if you combine the two this must be excellent, right? Aghhh wrong, wrong, error - massive error. Aghhhhh.

I've just got back and I can honestly say that was the most difficult thing I have ever done. C, you know who you are and I say it again - you are one hardcore mother trucker.

Based in the Northern Quarter, the studio is nice and clean, changing facilities are great. Staff on reception are friendly but be warned, they don't tell you that you are not allowed to drink water until you are told. Do not under any circumstances take a cheeky sip or you will be told off in front of many. Yes, that's right - I learnt the hard way.

There are no lockers? I don't understand this and I think it is an error on their part. I wasn't too happy about bringing my phone and ipod into an extremely humid room for obvious reasons. They don't need to get big steel bad boys, just those small little post box letters for your phone and purse and crap.

At £10 for 90 mins it is pricey but you can see where the cost goes (on the heating bills). They have an introductory offer at the moment where you can go as many times as you wish for 10 consecutive days for £20 which is a bargain. If you are serious about it take up the offer, apparently it takes just 4 sessions to get used to the heat so apparently don't make any rash judgements from the first session.

The teacher was great, very encouraging and clearly experienced and most definitely had a bendy body. Apart from getting told off for sipping water. I was having a good time for the first 20 mins, I was doing okay. It was a bit cramped, there were lots of naked feet and bunions about but I was holding out. Then all of a sudden I started to see stars, got a massive pain in my head and thought I was going to pass out. Every part of my body was telling me to get out and I nearly had a full on panic attack. And the aim is not to leave the room on your first go, if you get some stretches in as well then well done you, you are officially hardcore.

I managed to stay, though I started crying. The lady took pity on my and asked my name which I off course couldn't give because I was crying so I made some pathetic blah noise. Also the other new people next to me gave me a series of pity stares which was just great. There are 26 positions during the 90 mins but if you need to you can sit out of some of them. I haven't got a clue how many I made it through.

I feel good now, though I have a dehydration headache. You must get as much water down you before you go or you will suffer in there. Apparently all the toxins just flee your body afterwards and I have been working on my toxins for many many years now so I have plenty to escape. My mate 'C' who goes a massive 6 days a week says she doesn't get headaches anymore, doesn't need water during and can touch the floor with her face whilst half standing up - impressive.

Would I go again, maybe. I am pretty embarrassed about crying and about my fat scabby lip which feels like it is the size of my head. Everyone in the room will now know me as the crier so I need to leave it a little while before I return. I hate criers, I am a little vulnerable at the moment with injury, being poorly and generally just being a big fat wet hormonal fish. So maybe save it for when you are feeling confident.

Oh and be warned you will see a couple of bendy as bananas in there, don't even try to keep up with them or accidentally glance their way in the changing room while they do massive naked stretches with their bronzed bendy perfect bodies because it WILL make you feel inadequate and may perhaps induce an eating disorder. There are plenty more people in there of different (normal) shapes and sizes to make you feel at ease.

I would normally never in a million years do an exercise class in a crop top and shorts but this shit is hot and it took me all of one stretch and 2 mins in to rip my top off. Do NOT go in long leggings and a long sleeve t shirt because you will die and it will be your own fault, but it will be too late because you're dead, which is sad - i'll miss you dear reader.

You need to bring two towels (one for the shower afterwards, unless you run away quickly like me) and one for in the studio. Take some water and your own yoga mat if you have one, don't worry if not because you can buy/rent all of this stuff from reception. Do remember though to bring some dry clothes to change into and don't leave your bra there in error whilst you scramble to get away because you cried.

I feel like I achieved something today -

  • I met my feet phobia head on, or foot on should I say
  • I have never spent more than 5 mins in a sauna before in my life - 90 mins today (mission accomplished)
  • I successfully managed to prevent a panic attack by breathing and thinking about sitting in a cool wind whilst eating a mars bar
  • My sinuses have cleared up and they have been killing me all week
  • I developed a new aroma so strong that people cross the road to get away from me, this secured me a seat to myself on the metrolink home
  • I think I also sweated about 2lbs of weight off, which is ace because I am not normally a sweater (probably because I don't work hard enough).
So give it a go, worst that can happen is you can lose your dignity like me £10.

Sam x 

p.s. C - I love you, thank you for giving me a hug after and being so nice, you successfully prevented me from walking in front of a bus.


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