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Saturday, 10 September 2011

5 days of summer

I've just severely edited this post, it was really whingy and self indulgent. Is still is a little bit but not as nauseating as before.

Dear Me, 
Please remember not to write posts a bit drunk because you talk more utter crap. And while you're at it stop feeling sorry for yourself. Thanks

I still can't run at the moment, its making me sweat a bit because the race is 1 week away. I am made up to see Kath sweating like a badger in the middle of a dual carriageway, she is ridiculous and it is an absolute pleasure (and pain) to see her transform into Paula frigging Radcliffe.

We are probably going to keep this stuff up for a little while longer, I am not going to give up running despite because it is without doubt the best anti-depressant on the market. You can disagree with me but until you've tried it you haven't got a leg to stand on.

Anywhoo kathchops and I will be having a crack at the Great Manchester Run (10k) next year, after a half crapathon this should be a walk in the park - its not actually. We have managed to recruit a few others onto our bangwagon so hopefully we can get them to do a few guest blogs.

I have nothing in the way of training posts to offer you people ( i can't train, I am ill and injured - for gods sake keep up!). So instead I am going to offer you two little bits of genius.

1. This song, probably the best Smiths song. Hard to tell, they are all great. The smarter ones of you will know that this blog is named after this song. If you worked that out, twelvety big brucey bonus points to you, you make my cool list (I'm not cool so you're probably a geek like me). If you didn't know before, it's a cool song, you know now and thats whats important.

Enjoy. Though it's not the proper video (there isn't one)

2. If you are even cooler you might be aware this song featured on a certain little indie film (though it was a cover and not a very good one). This film ruined me, really destroyed me. I love it, it is fricking amazing, the soundtrack is amazing (erm yeah, best smiths song and the karaoke bit with the pixies - my fav pixies song). Not to mention Zoe Deschanel, who is fit as toast and has this ridiculously good sixties bonce going on and don't get me started on the apartments. This film is so good I even dribble at the trailer.

Sam x

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