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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The receptionist that broke the camels back

The pressure is on now to write something good. This is a problem as I am fast running out of content.

this is me, any second now I am about to have my 'falling down' moment
So I went yoga last night after work, I think I could get addicted to this stuff. I got out of breath without moving very far at all and I felt super duper relaxed afterwards and nearly fell asleep on the mat at the end. I honestly haven't been that comfy since I swapped crop tops for bras and started blending valium into my smoothies.

The experience was a little ruined by the extremely annoying inefficient staff at *anonymous* sports centre. Now I don't want to think that I am an angry person but I am stressed man, big time. All the studes are back in Manchester causing havoc and muchos work for Kath and I and I am on the edge. I mean, I love students I do, but not all at once.

Said sports centre has an online booking system that doesn't fooking work in any browser, on any computer, under any circumstances. So you can imagine rabid I was when I tried to book on the phone only to receive an automated message telling me to book online - ARE YOU KIDDING ME, AGHHHHH.

3 days of ringing, 3! So I went down to the reception (i hadn't had time before because I am drowning in a sea of Disabled Students Allowance applications). When I get there what did the receptionist say -

R: Oh yeah, we stopped answering the phone cause it just keeps ringing and we're busy.

Me (in my head): WTF, that doesn't make any sense you fool. In fact that is just stupid and I want to murder you all.

Me (actually): Well are you aware that there is an automated message saying to book online but your online booking system does not work?

R: Oh really, that's weird isn't it.

Me (in my head): NO, not weird stupid. There is nothing weird about this situation, incompetent - YES.

Me (actually): well maybe you want to let someone know?!?

R: yeah (lacking sincerity), it's just so busy with the students so we just stopped answering the phones. It's weird because it was ringing loads yesterday.

Me (in my head): NO NOT WEIRD, it was me ringing and probably every other fecker who couldn't work the stupid  broken online system. CAN YOU NOT SEE THE CORRELATION??!?!?!

Me (actually): One for yoga please.

I kid you not.  I understand I may be overreacting somewhat as a result of fresher induced stress.
a completely random pictorial example of a local student serving leisure centre
That was a nice little anecdote wasn't it. No it wasn't, it doesn't matter because we won't win at the blog awards anyway. On a nicer note I just read one of the blogs in the 'best new blog category' and it made me laugh so unexpectedly I snorted robinsons cordial out of my nose. I don't want to tell you which one because I don't want to be biased because they are all great. I'll let you work out which one it was for yourself.

The important thing is that yoga is good and I like it and you should try it.

Sam out x

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

We've been shortlisted for the Manchester Blog Awards 2011!

I know, the impossible has happened.........


I couldn't believe it when Kath messaged me to tell me. Of course we have more chance of platting urine than winning but who cares because WE GOT SHORTLISTED!!! Yeahhh - stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Apparently they had over 200 nominations so we are super chufties. What an honour.

I think it is fantastic that some of you or (probably) one of you folks nominated us. Kath and I are extremely grateful of course and before you ask we didn't nominate ourselves, no. We may have put a teeny weeny post up letting people know when and how they could nominate but we didn't nominate ourselves.

Now the voting is open, so please dear readers, show your continuing support by voting for us by clicking on the WOOT or on any of the many banners I have put on the blog. It's takes just 2 clicks to vote.

Voting closes on Monday 10th October 2011.

Please bear in mind you can only cast one vote per category. Of course you are welcome to vote for the other contenders because they are definitely probably better written and visually more stimulating than ours. But think of the kids, Kath's kids that is. Think how happy they would be.

Think of me, I am injured. Kath might even start drinking again* if you don't vote for us. Do you really want that on your conscience? Do you??!?!?!

Please go on and have a look at the other blogs - lets support our local writers! BTW - Kath and I do not consider ourselves to be writers but these other folks, well then can write all proper and stuff!

Super thanks - Sam & Kath

* she won't but we are prepared to sink to horrendous depths and emotional blackmail for our own means or a cheap laugh or both

* If good spelling and grammar is important to the judges, then we are screwed. Sorry Kath, its not you. It's me.

if fred perry did running gear

if they did, I would be bankrupt. I am still waiting for someone somewhere to successfully replicate some retro running clothes.

photo source
I love Fred Perry so much I can barely breath thinking about the new collection. Now don't get me confused; I'm not into the chavy stripy jumper Fred Perry but the retro tennis gear and beautiful mod Laurel Wreath collection. A few years ago I pretty much wore a fred perry polo shirt everyday, I have amassed quite a little collection. I need some FP running gear though, I need it like I need oxygen.

It's not cheap so I have to wait for sales but look at it, its well worth it. Look, ahhhhhh lovely....

vintage fred perry tennis skirt £35 - ASOS Marketplace

Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry Houndstooth skirt £90 ASOS

Laurel Wreath Collection Printed Shirt Dress - £150 ASOS (ouch)
Richard Nicholl Angora Cardigan - £175 ASOS (double ouch)
Shabba - this man rocks my world - today, yesterday and tomorrow.

I cannot tell you how happy I would be if they were to invent a cute little wicking polo shirt and some winkle picker trainers. Oh my, I am getting laurel wreath shaped shivers up and down my spine just thinking about it. If Fred Perry made music I reckon it would sound like this......................... and this.... oooh and this..................... and last one I promise I know, I am sorry. I realise I am indulging myself. I don't care. Sammy x x x

Monday, 26 September 2011

Blog Minestrone

I've been inundated by a request to carry on blogging. Plus I was celebrity-spotted by a blogreader while shopping in Sainsbury's on Friday*. So on we go - I can't let our public of atleast two people down.

So I'd better find some stuff to write about. This blog, as far as I remember, is about swimming (haven't done any), running (done very little), mental health (got 3 out 30 on a self esteem assessment at my CBT session - so that's another thing I can't do...) and Manchester (which I've really had enough of right now cos my bit of it is full of students who may well be very bright, but cannot walk above a snail's pace and need to stop right in front of me every 13 seconds to check their texts).

Now I come to think of it, we do sometimes give you some crap recipes, so here's one of mine. This one does not involve either a George Foreman grill or a sauce out of a jar so is a bit of a departure for me. 

Kath's End of the Month Soup

(Nicked from Sarah Brown's Vegetarian Kitchen - from a time when veggie cookbooks and food were as God intended - brown)

Two onions
Four sticks of celery
2 cloves of garlic 
A largish carrot
A couple of peppers
Two tins of tomatoes liquidised if you remember which I didn't
1800ml veg stock
1 teaspoon oregano
4 teaspoons fresh basil of 2 teaspoons dried basil
Half a teaspoon rosemary
4 tablespoons tomato puree
2 dessertspoons soy sauce

Chop up onions, celery and garlic. Heat slowly in oil for about ten minutes.

This does not give you the time to make the stock, cut up the peppers and carrot, try and find some herbs to replace the ones it says in the recipe, open and liquidise two tins of tomatoes, and measure out the tomato puree, so you may want to do some of this before you start instead of burning the onions, celery and garlic.

Add all the things I just mentioned to the pan. At this point you will find you have started in a pan that is too small and will need to transfer the lot to something the size of a bucket.

Put lid on pan and leave to simmer for 40 minutes. 

Clear away the vegetable peelings etc. If you live in Bolton you will be able to put these in your new food waste bin - well done Bolton Council for bringing these in!

Yes, you are now looking at my rubbish.

Take the lid off, add soy sauce, pepper and macaroni and simmer uncovered for another 15 minutes.

Serves 7 people with decent appetites. I know this because I have just put it in 5 lunchboxes for me to take to work every bloody day, and got two portions for the kids tomorrow.

I am going to be flipping bored of Minestrone by the weekend....

*OK, so it was by Sam's mate Jane, but it still counts.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fat tongues and spikey balls

Hello dear readers

Kath and I haven't spoken yet about what were going to do about the blog now we've completed the half marathon. We have decided though that we will run the Manchester 10km next May - though we are yet to enter cause it's £38 and we haven't been paid yet.

What I can say is that we both NEED to have something to work towards otherwise we go a little off the rails, become depressed and get exceptionally fat (the last bit only really refers to me).

We've just come to the end of our week off running (post run) and now is the time to start thinking about getting on it again. I think I have decided to cross train in the gym as I can't run until I get the results of my x-ray. Kath is going to keep up the Parkruns and plans to go swimming (though never does).

I have been happy as a clam about this week off, it doesn't feel like a guilty week and I have been having a banging old time eating whatever I want (because of course I was so restrained pre-run - gafaw) including veggies sausage and egg butties, chilli onion rings, curry, lemon syrup pancakes and pizza. The pizza was ill advised due to a little yeast intolerance, it made my tongue swell up. I am thinking that this is bad because it didn't used to happen. I ended up accidentally biting it as well cause the little chubber couldn't fit in between my teeth. Don't ask me to say 'fluffy bunnies' after anything breadlike.

I think I am heading towards a rocky road of anaphylaxis. Death by pizza, not a bad way to go I reckon.

To stem the boredom I have been indulging in my favourite hobby - internet shopping. It's Kaths' too but she is trying to go cold turkey.

So I haven't been indulgent, I have just been investing in my well being. A chiropractor at the race made me sit on this and roll about on it to loosen my tight muscles (after she told me she couldn't treat me properly because I am under the care of someone else -  yeah thanks). So its medically official  - I have a tight bottom.

This thing's okay, it seems to get things moving again but I feel a bit ripped off because I spent a fiver on it and then I remembered I have two other such shaped balls that I use in the tumble dryer to help speed up the drying process. I am a sucker for gadgets though. If you fancy one for yourself here's a link

I think its about time to get out of bed now and do something productive, like tying a novelty toy to the cats tail and then watch him run around in circles for a couple of hours.

laters - Sam x

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Welcome to Manchester

Welcome fresh faces.

Thank you for making our week interesting.

We have just about survived despite the government slashing our budgets like a set of tyres in gorton. I thought I better include a little guide to those who are new to University and the north.

Sam's top tips for freshers -
  • Try not to use the words 'basically' and 'literally' excessively - you are not 'literally dying'
  • I know they give you a fresh new pair of ugg boots and denim hotpants in your freshers welcome pack but you don't have to wear them - its okay to be an individual, in fact we like it.
  • Lads - its Manchester, its cold, it rains and you look like idiots wearing shorts and flip flops - save it for the beach. Also, its not acceptable to wear loafers without socks here.
  • Do not under any circumstances talk about your 'gap yah'
  • Learn the local dialect and don't look at locals like they are stupid. Manchester is not London - you're in the north now so adapt
  • Pub golf = Bad
  • Do not dordle on Oxford Road, one of these days someone is going to get all Michael Douglas in Falling Down on you and it could be me, it could be Kath or any other person who lives round here.
  • Under no circumstances ever utter the words "I pay your wages!"
  • Be nice to people - they'll be nice back too, promise
  • Learn how to cross the road properly - green cross code is cool - Stop, Look, Listen
  • Don't tell lies to your parents 
Welcome to Manchester x

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The run

Shazam...I am back.

I had pretty much given up on the blog but Kath asked me when I was going to pull my finger out and do a post about the run so here I am. The problem is my post was going to include our post race photo but the cowbag went and robbed the photo off my facebook for her own post so I haven't got anything good for you. I guess I could tell you how it went?

Okay - It was f@cking horrible. I would rather swim a mile in a lake of cold piss than run another half marathon. Kath seemed to float off like a dirty plastic bag caught in the wind whereas I was dragging my dead leg along with me for a good 8 miles. Actually the first 5 miles were sweeeeeet. I was feeling pretty good, especially considering I spent the two minutes prior to the race in a rather vulnerable state in the portaloo.

The weather was perfect and I had an immense wave of smugness wash over me when we ran through the picture perfect rolling fields of Grappenhall. That's right Boltonians, Warrington has its pretty bits and Katy and Kath have had concede this. In your face!

Rams Head Grappenhall - post run celebration venue
 The remainder of the race can be described via the following bullet points so as not to bore you -
  • Mile 3 drank way too much water at the water station
  • Mile 5 threw up water consumed at water station 
  • Mile 7 pain
  • Mile 8 more pain - got overtaken by lots of fat blokes
  • Mile 9 missed the nice old lady handing out sweets - very pissed off 
  • Mile 10 saw some jelly babies on the floor - wanted them, v. pissed off
  • Mile 11 got a tunnocks caramel bar off my mum, bit happier, pain
  • Mile 12 got overtaken by another fat bloke that I had overtaken at mile 11
  • Mile 13 cried, got overtaken by old women
  • Mile 13.1 got taken away by St Johns Ambulance
I am pleased to report I am safe and well, I have had to have an X-Ray on my hip but I think I am going to be fine. The truth is I shouldn't have run, I had been told as much but I wanted too. I had a virus the week before the run and hadn't run properly for 2 weeks prior due to injury but that's nothing compared to the misery of not running for something you have been training for for around 3 months.

But I don't care, even though I got a crappy time (for me - 2 hours 18) and walked a couple of the miles I still have an immense sense of achievement.

Kath rocked it again, the bitch! But I am well happy for her. And a big shabba to all the others -  Nikki (PB - super amazing time 1hr 39) and James, Katy and Matty who I think were first time half marathoners so all have PB's!

Kath says I am not allowed to run a half marathon again, my GP says I have to take up cycling instead and my chiropractor says I should cross train and consider events that involve less running because my body is fooked. But what do they know.

A big massive thanks to the St Johns Ambulance folk for scraping me off the floor at the finish line.

Sam x x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Warrington Half Marathon 2011

Well it's done. The assorted cast from the blogs turned up yesterday to do the run. Sam and I don't make these people up you know - they are real, and they all have legs that ache today.

So there was Matty, who inadvertently started this whole thing by mentioning to Sam that he was running the half-marathon. Matty, if you read this, which I suspect you don't (along with everyone else we know) you have a lot to answer for.

Nikki, runner extraordinaire, who managed to run it, achieve a Personal Best (in a time that makes your eyes water just to think of it) and be in Birch Services for breakfast by the time any of the rest of us finished. 

Katy, my lifelong friend, who has taken supporting me just a little too far this time and won't be doing that again.

James, who gave up smoking to train for and do this (and now I've told the blog, James, you have to keep it up - that's how it works - we've had over 10000 views and you can't let all those people down).

Sam, who should not have been running at all but finished in a brilliant time before being carted off by the St John's Ambulance people.

And me, who ran it in one hour 55 minutes and 38 seconds, which is a lot faster than I expected and not bad for a forty year old who hasn't run before and was either drunk, hungover or frequently both this time last year.

Matty, Sam, Me, James and Katy at the end.
The people from the Warrington Wolves training sessions had mixed fortunes. Unfortunately one of the team collapsed after 11.5 miles, was taken away by ambulance, and remains in hospital having tests on his heart, liver and kidneys. We're all thinking of him and his wife and family.

The rest of us all finished, but one collapsed, and needed sweets to carry on, and another hurt his foot, and is now on crutches for a couple of weeks.

Team Higham and Team Wood
I remain unconvinced that exercise is good for you.

And now I'm off to reinvent my life. Again. Not sure what's next (other than murdering the next person who suggests A) a marathon or B) a triathlon) but I'm sure Sam will come up with something ridiculous the second I put my feet up.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

1 day to go


Apologies for my lack of posts. I have been quietly having a breakdown.

Kath has been very nice and has been giving me the occasional cuddle, its very funny because she doesn't like giving hugs and doesn't really know what she's doing. So some of the pleasure of a Kath hug comes from her displeasure, I like it that she is trying which is nice. This makes me suspect that she cares a bit.

Kath is so funny when she hugs, have you ever seen a toddler pick up a cat to cuddle it and then nearly squeeze the life out of it? Well Kath looks like that cat.

Maybe a little like this...

So the run is tomorrow and I am petrified because I am not sure I am going to be able to make it round. I have promised Kath and others I wouldn't run if my hip and leg are too painful because I run the risk of making it worse. I'll stick to that promise but I do plan on trying. I have to be realistic, I am not going to get round the course in an impressive or competitive time - which is killing me. As long as I don't get picked up by the loser bus (which comes round mopping up all the shite runners after 3 hours) then I'll be okay.

I went to the Doctors this morning and I have to have an X-ray on my hip and pelvis which is a bit of  a concern. I don't think my problem is skeletal though but what would I know, I'm not a doctor.

So it's time to sign off. We'll let you know how we get on.

Best of luck to all the other runners too, especially Nikki, Katie, Matty and James. It would be great if you could hold back your laughter when you overtake me.

Big love


And of course kath too!!!!! She is going to smash it x


Counting down the hours rather than the days now. Oh dear.

My leg's a lot better than it has been. I did a very gentle 5k last night, and I told myself it was hurting and I'd better stop running, but it's loads better today when I definitely don't have to do any running.

I'm off to Warrington today for a pre-race Pasta Party, which is part of the prize that I won. I should get my New Balance training kit (presumably so I can train for next year's half marathon...) and be "presented with my race-day running top, possibly by some mystery guests." So that's very exciting. Nothing I like more than a room full of strangers looking at me.

I've checked out Warrington's famous people to try and narrow down who the mystery guests could be, but when the list includes The Mayor of Warrington (who I am sure is very famous - in Warrington) and the first Lord Leverhulme (who is actually famous for being from Bolton, and also for being dead) I'm not holding my breath for meeting some huge celebrity. Kerry Katona seems to be the best I can hope for, and it's not often you see those words together in a sentence.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Feet up

I'm taking it really easy this week. I have a swollen bit towards the bottom of my right leg* and it's being a bit niggly. Obviously if I hadn't been such a sanctimonious twat lecturing Sam about the perils of running while injured for the last few weeks I'd be right out there running, but as it is I'm not.

Tonight's exercise consisted of me lifting Thorntons mini chocolate fudge brownies from the packet to my mouth. I probably shouldn't have had the whole packet, but you get to the point of no return with these things.

Just to remind you that this blog is occasionally about mental health, I have my first appointment for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy through the NHS tomorrow. I've Googled it, and it is a "talking therapy". What it's supposed to do is change my behaviour so I manage problems better. I guess the first problem I have is going for talking therapy when I don't like talking.....

*apologies for the medical jargon. I should be a student nurse with all my anatomical knowledge. My favourite student nurse story is about the one who didn't know which course she was on. Someone told her it was the DPSN course, whereupon she asked how to spell it.

I wish it wasn't true, but it is.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Trampled under foot

Stupid laptop is broken which means that I cannot get into my intunes account. I am devo'd because I was going to create the all time best half marathon playlist in the word ever in anticipation of the big day.

Now I can't, it was going to be proper rocking and dancey and all round bloody brilliant. These dudes were going to heavily feature too, bit of Trampled under foot and all that. Chemical Brothers, RATM and New Order and other such fast paced tracks.

If you look up 'sex' in the dictionary you'll find this photo
I don't know if I can run the risk of having it on 'shuffle', there are 2700 songs on my ipod and some are definitely not appropriate for running - Richard Hawley or Gene or worse, my hypnotherapy tutorial for my fear of flying with its weird synth supermarket background music.

I do believe proper runners run without music but I get very easily bored and I like a steady rhythm in order to maintain a pace. I deffo go faster if a songs beats per minute increase. I always like to finish the last 600m on 'Out of Control' it has the bestest build up... quite euphoric. I have to supress every urge to stop myself from throwing some shapes when it comes on because I look stupid dancing and even more stupid dancing and running simultaneously.

I am devastated, this is terrible.


Monday, 12 September 2011

I hate treadmills

It is touch and go to whether I will be able to run because of injury. It is so fricking frustrating but it could be worst - I could be dead.

The good news is I got out for a run yesterday, I went the gym. I tend to find the treadmill a bit less stressful on the old bod though I hate hate hate it. Everything about it, the smell, the running belt covered in dried sweat pools, having to wait ages for one then having some snotty bloke snort loudly to indicate that he thinks you should get off so he can get on - even though I've only been on for 15 minutes and then he gets on and walks for 2 minutes before getting off?!?!. WTF - why get on a frigging treadmill to walk for a couple of minutes? Here's a tip mate, walk to the end of your road and back and save yourself 20 quid.

I know how you feel mate
I hate it when people look at your treadmill statistics, you can spot them doing sneaky side glances to see what speed you're at and how far you've gone - I can feel their eyes judging me and I don't like it. I like to ruin their fun by covering my screen with a towel or a magazine, cause I am a grumpy gym goer.

I hate the mirror the most, there is nothing worse than having to watch yourself run and see the sweat wash off your make up revealing a face like a blind cobblers thumb. There is nowhere else to look though, if you look at yourself you look vain to other treadmill folks, if you look down you lose balance and if you're like me you wont be able to read either cause you bounce about so much you cant focus on anything. Recently I have found myself staring at one spot - at the top of my thighs. I get to imagine them getting smaller (which they of course don't, if anything they get shit loads bigger) and this way it doesn't look like I am admiring my own reflection. I am more likely to vomit or run out begging for botox if I catch a glimpse of myself rather than look admiringly.

Stupid treadmills, and they're dangerous too but that's a story for another time.

The 5km I ran was slow, boring and pointless (pointless because you don't run anywhere or see anything and therefore it takes the only bit of enjoyment out of running). What makes it worse is I drove there, how embarrassing is that - driving 1.5km each way to run 5km on one spot. It was necessary though, I drove in case my hip and knee became too painful to run or walk back home - which has happened before.

Oh yeah and check this out, I told you running was dangerous. I wondered why my foot was stinging and felt sticky. Don't look if you get spooked by blood.

Despite this I am well happy (though I guess it doesn't translate well here). I'm just super happy I was able to run. Its been over a week and I have definitely lost muscle, my legs look more like lady legs now which is nice but also not great because I could do with that muscle to hang around for just one more week.

I know this is a trick though and I must not fall for it, I think I am okay and then I get back on it then the bitch of a hip or the slaggy knee start giving me jip. So I am going to take it slow and hope that it keeps me ticking til the big day.

Dear body,

You are such a cliche, getting all these common repetitive running injuries.

Please, please behave yourself this next week. We have had some hard times of late and I know I have been asking a lot of you but if you could just chill the fook out for the next week or so I promise I will go back to the Doctors and get you one of those cortisone injections you like so much. I might even buy you a present? How about some nice tights? Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you. If you're really good I'll even think about putting some fake tan on you and making you look as pretty as can be for next Sunday.
I am probably definitely going to buy these
If you don't I am going to slip into a depression, hit the booze, stop shaving my legs, start wearing  trackie bottoms and buy myself a shop mobility scooter. 


Sammy x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

slimming world creamy tomato and spinach curry. yummy - honest


A lovely little skinny lady gave me this recipe for a Slimming World Curry that I have recently become obsessed with. I believe it is 'free' on the 'extra easy' plan - whatever that means?

It is pretty low fat so I thought I would share it with you, the bhajis and samosas and mango chutney however are not low fat. I don't care I wanted them.

So here's what you need -
  • 2 chicken/turkey breasts or quorn for the veggies
  • 1 large white onion
  • 1 red chilli
  • 1 bag of spinach
  • 2 cloves of garlic (or lazy garlic if you're lazy like me)
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes (2 if you like it extra saucey)
  • 7 tbsp of low fat yoghurt or 2 tbsp of low fat creme fraiche (CF is much nicer and creamier in my opinion)
  • 200ml of chicken or vegetable stock (I just use an chicken oxo cube)
  • Fry light cooking spray
  • Basmati rice
  • fresh coriander (if you can be bothered - not essential)
spices -
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp tumeric
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp madras powder
  • 1 tsp chilli (if you like it a bit hotter)
Brown the onions in a pan with fry light

Add garlic and chilli and fry a little more

pre-heat the oven for these babies if you're being naughty

my little cheat

Add spices and dry fry these for 1 minute

add meat (if you are using quorn please don't add this until the last 5 mins)

dry fry the meat for a minute with the onion and spices to release the flavour.

stir in chopped tomatoes

add stock as well

keep on a low heat and give a good stir

then add your spinach

keep stirring until the spinach has wilted

then pop a lid on for 5 minutes

take lid off and let the pan simmer for 10 mins or until the sauce has reduced.

start on your rice, add a mug of basmati rice to boiling water and cook

chop some fresh coriander  - it takes this dish up another level

pop a couple of these in the microwave for 1 minute

Eat with Sainsburys basics mango chutney, the best and only 77p
add a little of your chopped coriander

keep stirring then add some more coriander

then serve and enjoy!

Sam x

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