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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

If only all boy runners looked like this - Anton Krupicka

Sweet inspiration.

Anton Krupicka is an ultra marathon runner which - I think has been now officially catorgorised as a mental illness.

This dude runs 100 mile races in the US and does it in style. I have super respect for him because he runs like the wind, he is all outdoorsy and stuff and he is one gorgeous mother trucker who mostly runs with his top off and on occasion in bare feet (not so sexy). I don't like feet, they stink and they ming and they are just ugly things.

There is something very seventies looking about him and I like it. I also have a massive obsession with beards. If only all lad runners looked like this - I would certainly drag my fat hiney out more if they did.

So his blog is the best thing ever just for the photos alone, the scenery in which he runs in is breathtaking.

Photo source here

Sadly Anton is injured at the moment (perhaps my injury is in sympathy for his) and even sadder he has a lucky lovely looking girlfriend.

So today I shall be mostly you tube stalking Tony in order to motivate myself into a run. I have decided to start going for it - I have been told I am allowed to run by the fabulous Dr Clark.

If you want to check Anton's blog out here it is - prepare to feel inadequate!

hubba hubba  - Sammy x

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