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Saturday, 27 August 2011

We love Manchester day

I was supposed to post this link yesterday but there was a disability emergency and so I couldn't get my lunchtime post out.

The plan yesterday was to leave work early - yey thanks Man Uni for letting us all go at 4pm. Go for a couple of wee cocktails with work for Shama Bananas birthday and then head into town for the 'We love Manchester' festivities.

It didn't work out like that, got drunk on beautiful cocktails made by beautiful bar staff in the Deaf Institute, watched the boss get drunk and tell cringe worthy minging stories whilst Kath laughed smugly and soberly at him.

So in tribute to all things Manchester here are a few photo's I took last week of our pretty city and a Manchester song or two.

Manchester I proper love you even though you cant make your fecking mind up weather to be glorious or rain today and no doubt the minute I go for a run to collect the car I had to leave at work becaause I decided to get drunk you will open up the heavens and unleash a shower of shit on me.

That is if I can stop watching 'This Morning - Saturday', actually the problem has just solved itself because 'loafer without socks' wearing little prat Olly Murs has just come on. I'm about to yack all over the computer.

 The Gmex (I don't care if its name has changed it will always be the Gmex)

The Hilton at night

 Deansgate Locks isn't just a bunch of crap bars

The Hilton in the day

A local hairy inhabitant
The Midland Hotel 

 The Gmex in the day

The Library

Manchester Art Gallery

 Ryan Vintage

Beetham Tower again


It only rains 99.9% of the time


Best band to come out of Manchester - erm obviously!!!!!

"Most of all, I love Manchester. The crumbling warehouses, the railway arches, the cheap abundant drugs. That's what did it in the end. Not the money, not the music, not even the guns. That is my heroic flaw: my excess of civic pride."

Tony Wilson
24 hour Party People

To all those folks going Manchester Pride this weekend - have a fan-fricking-tastic time. I am with you in spirit x

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