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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Things to improve the mood

I am swinging between been depressed and moody about not being able to run properly. It is VERY frustrating, I am getting annoyed at myself, very annoyed so I have decided to snap out of it and think about fun things that will cheer me up - like photos of Tony Krupicka Mmmmmm.

In the grand scheme of it, my little injury is not really that important. Not compared to famine and droughts and other horrible things that happen to folks.

So these are the good things that happened this week.

Seeing someone get their comeuppance for parking in a Disabled bay in Manchester when they are not disabled - ha, in your face!

This, because we were there and it was awesome.

and this......... dancing to Stevie Wonder - 'If you really love me' whilst looking out at this view whilst the sun was setting over the Thames and yes that is Big Ben you can see in the background.

The pretty cool balloons all over the ceiling at the Vintage festival

University of Manchester sausage and egg butty with hash browns. The best hangover breakfast after the olds anniversary. £1.75 bargainlishness (yes -  I am aware it breaks the no bread rule) - am I bothered.

I did manage to run 3.5k in boiling heat last night. I am going to just start again, that's what normal resilient people do isn't it. Though I am more of a kind of 'all or nothing' person.

All or nothing, that would make a good song wouldn't it. Oh yeah it did...........this is so frigging good it will blow your mind and if it doesn't you re a pleb.

The Small Faces - All or Nothing (part of the soundtrack to my life/ funeral song number 2)

Dear Steve Marriott, you and I share the same birthday. I love you. Sadly your gone so I will have to marry Stevie Winwood instead.

Big love Sam x

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