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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Shallow Grave

I saw Sam today, so don’t worry, I’ve given her lots of helpful advice on getting over The Fear, based on years of experience. 

My tried and tested way of doing this is by getting drunk again. You may then have a different lot of The Fear, but at least you’ve forgotten the first lot. Always worked for me. Until my drinking got to the point where I had to give it up completely of course. Don’t know what she’s worrying about – missing 2 days training. I’ve got twenty years unaccounted for somewhere.

I think she was reassured and will be much better by tomorrow. I’m thinking of becoming a Counsellor actually.

Despite getting the full benefit of my immense wisdom, Sam has picked on me relentlessly all day. I’ve had death threats and she’s tried paying people to break my legs.  If I suddenly stop blogging please ring the police immediately – she’ll probably have buried me in IKEA somewhere.

Moving on, I obviously didn’t spend enough with ASDA on my doorstep, so they’ve opened a Tescos down the road.  I popped in tonight to check out their range of booze-free booze.  They sell Fentimans, and a different alcohol-free wine (I could arrange a wine tasting, but my prediction is it will taste like apple juice), and Erdinger. Good job I didn’t give up booze to save money innit? 

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