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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sculpture Culture

My nice My Asics running plan suddenly turned very nasty on me this morning. The last couple of weeks it's been telling me to do 5k and 8k runs, advice I was only too happy to follow, then this morning it springs a 16k run on me! Its guidance on speed was "comfortable". Ha!

Anyway, I did it at my speed (I only really have the one, other than stopped). It is further than I have ever run  before. I didn't have time to run somewhere and catch a bus back, so I just ran 8.75k towards Bury, then back. And yes, that adds up to more than 16k, but I stopped running and walked home after 16k. This is to let my muscles cool down, or whatever it is they do, slowly. It is nothing at all to do with the last bit being up a particularly nasty hill.

And I finally spotted one of the sculptures on the Irwell Sculpture Trail.


What a shame I haven't seen the rest.

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