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Friday, 5 August 2011

More bending - yoga for neck pain and post run stretching

I am feeling fine after my moan the other day (sorry about that), ran 5k on weds night and then came back and checked out loads of 'yoga for runners' videos on the web for a good 30 minute stretch fest.

Now, I am no yoga expert but I liked these ones. They were relatively simple to do though I cannot straighten my legs out like these bendy ass ladies. It gave me a blinking good stretch out and I didn't seem to feel any post run fatigue.

You don't have to be a runner to do this first one, anyone who has neck pain may benefit from it. I have issues with my neck from working at a desk and as a result of being wonky on one side. Weds night my neck was tighter than a camels arse in a sandstorm and these stretches seemed to work a treat.

So this video is more tailored for a post run stretch, I am aiming to do this little 10 minute thingy post run. This lady is super American sport pro looking - I reckon she smiles when she is in the shower and was probably a cheerleader. It's true they all have better teeth than us.

If you're prone to pain under your heel or arch of your foot chances are you have plantar faciitis. It's a pretty common runners injury but lots of ladies have been starting to develop this as a result of wearing flat soled ballet pumps. 

I have chronic plantar faciitis in my left foot and at its worst I couldn't walk, I even had to have a steroid injection in my heel to reduce the swelling (which was bliss - afterwards that is - definitely not during).

Here's a little tip my chiropractor gave me to loosen up the plantar fascia (the muscle that runs under your foot). This works! Simply rub the arch of your foot over a golf ball or squash ball for 10 minutes a day. I am obsessed with this and seems to work miles better than all the other treatments I've had. 

My other favourite is to stretch out the muscles in the back of my leg - if they are too tight from running or cycling they will pull on the plantar fascia more and cause pain or discomfort.

I tend to do my stretches post run - there is mixed views on whether they should be done pre-run as well. Personally, I prefer post run when my muscles are a bit warmed up. I am a bit  scared of stretching my muscles cold because of all the injuries I get but this is a preference thing.

Now, I am no bendy yoga bird, I cannot touch my toes or the floor with my legs straight so I use a belt to help me extend my leg and stretch my hamstring, calf and plantar fascia. It is important to keep the leg straight with this one.

This feels like a proper training post today - I have probably just excluded most of our readership.

Laters Sam x

p.s. sorry for the gross photo of my dirty sock but I had just got back from my run.

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