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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Messing about in boats

Made it out for a run before my carefully planned and sensible breakfast - high in protein, carbohydrates and fat. I had a nectarine at the end as I'm trying to eat fruit and develop a lifelong love for it while I'm here. I suspect I may have my work cut out with that one.

Because I am a splendid parent at all times I left the kids a note. I'll never be on the front of the Daily Mail as a feckless parent now.

And I took some pics as I went. I'm getting slower - I don't think that was what the plan said to do at this stage in my training. I think it's because my runs here are pretty aimless. Turns out I didn't need a map to tell me that Tossa is at the bottom of a very big hill in every direction. There are no circumstances in which I am running up it, so I'm left running up and down the same streets. It is duller than dull, dull, dull.

Some tossa did an impression of me running (though he has plenty of work to do on the facial expression - nowhere near enough pain in his eyes) and his friend and girlfriend fell about laughing.It is illogical, but I hate his girlfriend the most. The men have an excuse (they are men and don't know any better) but if she was to get a huge rash all over her young, tanned and attractive face I wouldn't be devastated.

It was a hard day booze-wise yesterday. A boat with a free bar and me were never going to be a fantastic combination. I resented every bloody sip of bloody water. Plus the boat was stuffed with youthful extras from Hollyoaks or its Spanish equivalent, and it's hard to be anything but very bitter indeed of being alright FOR FORTY in that situation. I would cheerfully have killed someone for a glass of wine when I got back.

I ended up jumping off the top of the boat, given that I didn't get divine intervention on the diving front. It was a flipping long way up, and I am still terrified of heights. Unfortunately kicking alcohol doesn't cure everything - I kind of expected it would. I hung round for a decade or so, gibbering and clinging onto the rail, while my sons threw themselves off time after time, but I'm sure no one noticed. Anyway, it was very high, and I jumped, and my bikini stayed on and I am absolutely never doing it again.

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