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Friday, 26 August 2011

Lost, Found and Locked Out

I ran home from Salford Crescent train station after work last night. Take it from me, this is A Long Way.

I found my route on walkit.com which is brilliant for finding places to walk or run around urban areas. You just put in where you want to start and finish and tell it to find you a quiet route. So it navigated me through a lot of backstreets of Salford that I didn't know were there, then along the River Irwell footpath and from there onto National Cycle Route 6/Irwell Sculpture Trail. 

Salford. Honestly.
I still didn't have a clue where I was most of the time. When I'd been running for about a century I stopped to ask some people where I was. They found this very funny, but to be honest they were lucky I wasn't asking who I was by that stage on the run. They told me I was near Asda, and laughed all the more when I had to ask which one. Turned out it was Radcliffe, which wasn't quite where I'd expected to be, but was in fact right.

I spotted another sculpture on this newly discovered part of the Irwell Sculpture Trail.

It is really big, and not so much like a gravestone in real life.

When I got home I found I'd left my keys at work so couldn't get in the house. This is Sam's fault - I had to rush out of the office because she couldn't keep her hands off me in my extremely sexy black lycra running stuff. (Sam - Please note, I DO NOT FANCY YOU. Deal with it.) I had to ring the kids, who are at their Dad's, and ask to borrow their keys, which is probably not the right way round. Bother.

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