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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Kath Gets Carried Away

Well, I'm back from Wales. 

The weather picked up, and we spent the morning on the beach before coming home yesterday. It was really beautiful.

Given that I'd taken the wetsuit all the way there, I put it on and braved the sea. It was fab - nothing like as cold as Salford Quays was in May! I could lie in the sea, float about and see Snowdon and Criccieth Castle and the sun was shining and all was well with the world. I love the sea - I definitely want to end up living next to it, being old and eccentric, one day.

So all this wellbeing and feelgood stuff could possibly explain what happened next. Yes, I signed up for the Morecambe Bay Swim on Sunday. This Sunday.

This is clearly nuts and I should be institutionalised. Somehow this week I've to fit in four runs (I've done one of these so far), a training session with the Warrington Wolves, five months worth of swimming training, and three days at work. I seem to have swapped an addiction for overdoing drinking for one for overdoing exercise. Never did learn this doing things in moderation thing. Bother.

And I realised I haven't given you any recipes for ages so here's a new one for you. There wasn't a George Foreman grill in the caravan, so I had to use pans. Lucky I'm such a versatile chef really.

Kath's Caravan Pasta

Cook the pasta.

Fry some bacon lardons and mushrooms.

Stir bacon and mushrooms into pasta with plenty of Sacla Fiery Chilli Pesto. This stuff is fricking amazing, and the only stuff in a jar that doesn't need pepping up with a spoonful of Lazy Chillis.

Heat through and serve.

I'm afraid I didn't take any pics of this because I was with people and they would have thought I was a little odd. But what I've done is taken the jar into the garden, and taken a picture of it. This is not odd at all.


  1. you are old and eccentric, you just don't live by the sea.

  2. Not as old as me or as eccentric as her though- yet!


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