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Monday, 1 August 2011

From Eccles to the Costa Brava

I mixed it up a bit and ran to Eccles yesterday. I took my fab new camera, but, well, it was Eccles.There really is nothing to hang round for in Eccles on a Sunday at any time of the week, so I caught the number 22 bus straight back. Everybody catches the 22 at some point in their lives - it goes everywhere.

Essential running gear - water bottle belt with tissues, travel pass for getting back from wherever I may end up and Lidl Snickers bar for the way home (sensible: peanuts = protein = muscles). Plus titchy Sansa clip MP3 player full of terrible 80s compilations. "101 Hits of the 80s"? More like "98 Songs You Hoped You'd Never Hear Again, A Couple You've Never Heard Before and 'And She Was' by Talking Heads". How 'Kitchen at Parties' comes on every time, no matter how I shuffle it, remains a mystery.

I'm starting to plan for my holiday. The kids and I are off to sunny Spain soon; our first holiday as a single parent family. I booked it on Boxing Day; I'd been sober for a week, and really had no idea of what I'd do on holiday without a drink or another adult. I'm still not that sure to be honest.

Still, I've carried out extensive research (OK, I've Googled some stuff). Apparently Spain is THE place to go for non-alcoholic beer. They sell it in all their bars and restaurants, often on tap, and it accounts for 8% of beer sales. So if 12.5 people walk into a bar in Spain, one of them will order a non alcoholic beer. I doubt this is the case in the resort I'm going to, as it will doubtless be full of Brits ordering lager with their full English breakfasts, but I'm sure I'll find some somewhere.

I've spent hours trying to track down a decent map of the area, so that I can find places to run. I've failed. My resort seems to be in the gap between two walking maps, and some bloke from a map shop in Bristol, who said he'd find what I needed and ring me back but didn't, said that maps of Spain generally don't have footpaths on them. I'll see what Tourist Information can offer when I get there. I can see I'm going to spend much of my time there lost, but I'm used to that.

I plan on doing lots of swimming in the sea. I've got this mad semi-plan to do the
Morecambe Bay Swim at the end of August (I'm getting VERY muted enthusiasm from Sam for this one), so I'd like to see what swimming in the sea is like. I realise there may well be differences between swimming in the Med and Morecambe Bay though.

The Med
Actually they both look lovely - don't know what Sam's problem is.



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