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Saturday, 20 August 2011

I didn't run 12km last night, I am saving it for now but now I have to add what would have been today's 5km to it - so in a moment of madness I am going to try 18km ( I do understand that 12 + 5 = 17 but 18 is the magic number.

I am not going to be in great shape after this but it has to be done. If anyone has got a penchant for massaging slightly chunky gingers then speak up now. I might require your perverse services for a leg rub in a couple of hours.

I've just had my bacoffee milkshake and I'm just going to sort out a inspiring 10 hour playlist.

The important thing to also remember is to lube up before such long runs. Not in a sexy way. You need to rub some whale fat or vaseline all over your tootsies, in between the thighs and I also like to slick a little up around my arms. It's not pleasant, it does make your skin feel like the outer sheath of a condom but you don't want chapped bits cause they are oh so much worse.

So I'm almost ready to go, just got to get out there now, I'll just give it a minute. Just to psych myself up for it.

I need to get away anyway, the mister came back from the hairdressers with a legoman haircut this morning, scared the shit out of me when he woke me up. I thought we were being burgled. I can't bear to look at it for much longer. Every time I see it I keep thinking.......

Such a shame, robbed of his beautiful long black locks. I'm going to get on the web now and check out man weaves. I wonder what google will bring up when I ask it that.

S x x

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