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Sunday, 28 August 2011

I believe this is an appropriate runners breakfast.

Bran flakes, banana, cranberry and raspberry juice and peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is my new thing, it settles my tummy when I have booze nausea or have eaten too much - I have either of these at all times because I am a greedy tubby ginger girl.

Manchester weather teased me yesterday and I didn't get out until about 4pm for my run.

This little fatface has been on one all day, he was jumping all over my head this morning then playing with his mousie toy like a cat possessed then he wanted to go out and then in and then out again. I think he is a bit crazy because it was Manchester Pride yesterday and he wasn't allowed to go. Instead he got to strut up and down the road chasing after all the Tom cats and sticking his bum out.

In an attempt to be healthy and to save some cash I am currently veggie, these sausages are well fit and would recommend them with a fat fried egg and some warbutons toast.

My hip is shagged, I ran 6k to work to pick up the car and driving back was agony every time I took my right foot off the accelerator. Today is supposed to be an 18km, I might have to hold off and book in for an emergency appointment with another chiropractor (Dr Clark is away at the moment).

This is a crap post sorry, blah blah blah food blah cat blah weather blah whinge blah blah hip pain blah.

Kath will have something interesting to post soon no doubt, that is if she didn't drown in the Morecambe Bay mile.

Happy Bank Holiday - I am going for afternoon tea with a hot red head.


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