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Monday, 15 August 2011

I am ruined, I stupidly blew all my hard work over the last few days in a massive blow out booze fest on Saturday night. Which ended up with me bouncing off every wall in chorlton on the walk home in broad daylight at 5am(ish) then passing out on the sofa because I was to scared to get in bed and be told off by the mister.

Here's a tip when sleeping on leather sofas, do not let exposed skin such as your face come into contact with the leather for any great length of time. Some weird suction thing happens followed by a squelchy detachment noise which then results in some kind of semi permanent sofa rash.

I feel disgusting and lost the whole of Sunday which was planned for a long run. I considered drowning myself in the bath, cried at 'Streetdance' on the telly several times and eat Asian Fusion curry to try and bring me out of my drink induced depression coma. Drinking is rubbish, binge drinking is for idiots and I am a massive fool.

I have also managed to pick up some kind of injury which I suspect was from dancing, my thighs are killing. I think I might have been doing some variation of dance hall booty bounce moves to indie music which have seemingly awakened muscles I didn't know I had. I guess it's good I managed to work some muscles.

I'm going to do the long run tonight. Hopefully whilst I'm out I'll find my dignity which I lost sometime Saturday evening.

Kath - you are a hero for not drinking and you have every right to be smug about it too.

Sam x

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