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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Having Lots of Weather in Wales...

I'm caravanning in Wales this weekend. The weather isn't great. This is the view from the caravan.

Luckily the lovely seagulls thoughtfully woke me nice and early by holding a clogdance to their tuneful cries on the caravan roof, so I got a run in before the cloud came down. 

I ran along Blackrock Sands. I think it must be called that as there is one spot amongst the miles and miles of golden sand where black mud pretends to be rather more solid than it is. It is possible to sink into this up to your ankles and then fall over and get completely covered in black mud that smells of rancid seaweed. It's best to do this when there is someone just walking past with their dog. Don't choose any of 90% of the rest of the time when the place is deserted for miles around.

Of course, you'd have to be pretty thick to do that...

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