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Friday, 12 August 2011

happy friday

I love fridays. I have a cold but that is not going to stop me running 12km tonight. I have had 3 days off for general poorliness and because of chiropractor warnings.

Here's a tip, don't go swimming when you have a cold otherwise you will have a river of runny snot streaming from your nose the following day at work. Ewww, don't worry I use tissues in a clogging kind of way.

If you are wondering why I have posted a picture of a pug in banana suit it's because they are snotty like me and frigging cute. Even cuter in a banana outfit. I want a little black pug, I am going to call it 'sausages'.

It's friday - lets have a song to cheer us all up. This is for you rioters......

laters Sam x

photo source - here

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