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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Morecambe Madness

Had a night in the pub last night. Luckily the barman had dedicated his life (all six years of it) to researching alcohol-free beer, so was fully qualified to tell me that Erdinger is the best one there is. So nice to meet someone who is an authority on the subject.

Anyway, I bounded out of bed this morning, thought smug thoughts about my Manager's hangover, and went to do my Parkrun. The route had been altered this week due to park maintenance, so we had to go up the flipping big hill three times instead of two, and it was a longer run. No one got a Personal Best this week, and I was no exception. It was hard going, and my legs ache.

Me at the end of the Parkrun. This must be my running face. Everyone has one.

Cheers to Steve Thomasson who took lots of Parkrun pics today, and let me use this one.

I came to Morecambe this afternoon, ready for the swim tomorrow. Not that I am ready. I've done hardly any swimming (and no open water swimming) since May, and I've just eaten the biggest bag of fish and chips on the planet so am quite likely to sink. Never mind.

The Midland Hotel. I am not staying here and they do not serve alcohol-free beer. Bit irrelevant really.
I went to look at the course because you're supposed to do this, and work out what you're going to use as sighting markers so you know where you're going. There is, however, absolutely no sign of the course. Or indeed of the sea... 

It'll be fine. Probably.

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