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Thursday, 25 August 2011

From Warrington With Love

Another trek to Warrington for track training last night. This was lots of sprinting round a track, and plenty of "ab work", which is trying to move quite quickly from one unfeasible position to another. There are things called burpees, mountain climbers, being a plank, you name it - all sorts of undignified jumping about. I looked like a pissed giraffe throughout, with my legs going in any direction other than the ones I'm sure I told them to go in.    

Part of the endurance training is getting back afterwards - lots of public transport with loads of waiting around in between. My train from Oxford Road didn't seem to exist this week so I had to go to The Corner House for a swift Fentimans lemonade while I waited for the next one. 

This is a bar for arty types - I think I was the only one not wearing a hat and carrying a satchel. I have a membership for the cinema at the Corner House and when this running thing is done I'm going to go every night and sit in front of whatever they're showing, even if it's got subtitles, and I will be very cultured.

And hurray for Manchester which is having an event to celebrate how fab Manchester is on Friday. I always love Manchester, but promise to do more of it on Friday when we are allowed to leave work an hour early to join in the loved-upness.

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