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Monday, 8 August 2011

Filthy beasts

Wow, you people are shallow - I put one topless picture of Anton Krupicka on the blog and you go crazy. My serious training posts on the other hand don't seem to make the big numbers as well.

So here is some top-on fun for you perverts.

Dear Ryan Reynolds, if you grow a beard and maybe consider letting your hair grow long then I will be able to move on from Anton. Maybe you can carry me on your massive back whilst running we can go running together and I can nurse you through your split with Scarlett who I think I fancy as much as you. Thank you much.

photo source - here

This is Ryan running the NY marathon, I would consider running this if I could run behind him and maybe bask in his smell, maybe a drop of his sweat would hit me in the eye, just maybe.

Anyway, I am looking forward to tomorrow morning. I have an appointment with Dr Clark and after those runs at the weekend I am well ready to have my bones cracked and have my illiotiabial band abused until I bite down on the very expensive treatment table in agony to stop me screetching like Mariah Carey.

I feel like a million pounds afterwards - I am not a masochist by the way, I wouldn't normally pay someone an extortionate amount of money to kick crap out of me whilst in my underwear wearing a blue napkin.

Though in the context of a Doctors office I guess it's okay.

So going back to my list of things I need to do, I am getting on a treat now -

1. There have been no butties at work to scoff so by default I have achieved this one.
2. Bread - dramatically reduced consumption.
3. Ahh, can't stick to training plan because of injury but I am getting back on it slowly.
4. Lets move onto 5.
5. I have managed to stop fantasising about Idris Elba, I have now moved onto Tony Krupicka.
6. I have been bending like bananas since buying a yoga mat and finding stretching videos on you tube.
7. I have done something nice for someone but it's a surprise - for him not for you. I also set up a monthly payment to save the children - get on it, there is a drought on.
8. I vacuumed cleaned the house but I also did watch lots of telly.
9. I am still silly at work, I don't know how to get round this one when I work with naughty fools.
10. I have lost weight after then I put 4 pounds back on from eating my own weight in morrisons value cashew nuts which are kind of protein rich and then lost 3 pounds

I am brilliant, well done me. Tomorrow (injury permitting) I shall run 12km. If you wonder why I don't work in miles it's because kilometers are shorter and it sounds better to say I have run 12 km rather than 7.45645 miles. Shit that's depressing - the run is 13.1. miles. That's nearly twice as much as I am running at the moment.

Stupid blog, I'm depressed now. I'm going to go and eat some bread, maybe garlic bread or cheese on toast.

Sam x

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