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Monday, 15 August 2011


 "I hate to say this, but this place is getting to me. I think I'm getting the Fear."
  Dr Gonzo

I can't do it, I can't face a run tonight. I am emotionally too unstable.

The guilt is consuming but the thought of running now is terrifying. The only way I can pull this back is by getting up before work tomorrow and running 5k then running again tomorrow night. Lets be honest that's not going to happen.

I thought a little pre run, post work disco nap would reinvent me but I just laid on my bed for 40 mins thinking about how much I didn't want to got for a run.

I've got what is commonly known as the 'fear' - the fear is the psychological unrest and distress you experience the days after a massive session on booze.

It includes general anxiety, paranoia, shame, disgust, lethergy and emotional instability. This is a dark day.

I'll let you know if I come out the other end of this but I have needed to pee for 40 mins now and I can't bear even getting up.

I might have to watch some Madmen or some Friends for comfort.


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