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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cake and Jean Claude Van Damme

Kath is such a drama queen, I didn't threaten to kill her. Maim her, well yeah maybe I did put out a contract on her legs but with good reason. She ran 16km on Sunday and won't tell me how fast she ran it, which means she ran it dead fast.

And she brought cake in today, cause she knows it's my achilles heel and it was a sly little Kath trick to make me fatter so I run slower and well I fell for it because she's smarter than me and because she knows that I can't walk away from cake.

And her accomplice brought in Tunnocks tea cakes and they are like in my top 10 all time favourite things and remind me of being little and stealing them out of the box and then trying to shape the foil wrapper round a ball of tissue paper so my Mum wouldn't know I'd stolen one straight away. Good times.

And can I just point out Kath is being trained by two professional athletes and I am left to my own devices, fooking up right good and proper.

So yesterday I was freaking out in a big way, Dr Clark said that it looks like I am fatiguing (no shit) on long runs which is then affecting my gait and setting off my injuries.

Balls - can't catch a break.

Well I ran 12k last night but I feel defeated. It was a nice run though, I took a new route down the canal in Stretford and then past Lancashire Cricket Ground, then to the gym for 4.5km then back home.

Better news is that 'Kickboxer' was on the telly when I got back from my run and I forgot how truly hilarious awesome this film is. If you don't believe me check out JCVD dancing, contender for top 10 best movie scenes ever? I think so.

This cheered me up no end. Oh and this photo of Beau Williams - Beau provided the amazing track for JCVD.

Sammy x

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