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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Broom Army

All this rioting has been upsetting me but these folks above warmed my cockles. These young dudes volunteered their time to help clean up Manchester after Tuesday nights rioting. It's nice to see a University of Manchester student in the crowd too. Well done younglings x

So training has been quiet non existent for the last couple of days. Unfortunately, paying Dr Clark lots of money does not prevent him from telling me what I don't want to hear. Apparently, I need to build up my training slowly over some months. Some months! I haven't got some months, I have 4 and a bit weeks. Shit.

Also, I had a rather embarrassing moment at the Chiropractor's which means I probably am not allowed there now. After getting out of my surgical type gown, I got dressed and went to the reception to pay and book my next appointment. I had a jolly chit chat with both ladies on the desk and smiled sweetly at the other patient. I walked down the corridor and whilst putting my purse away I looked down - only to find I had managed to pull my top below my bra and was walking about with my tats out. I accidentally said "shit" really loud, went red in the bonce, looked back and ran out. I don't understand cause I didn't feel a draft and they didn't tell me and whats worse was it was one of those shitty bra's that are really comfy but has been washed so many times its gone grey and has permanent deodorant stains on the cups.

I must have relived the experience 50 times that day and the waves of embarrassment continue to wash over me. Oh yeah, there it is again - dang.

So on another training note I have been looking for inspiration and have found it in Steve Prefontaine - he was sexy looking no?! And he seems to be exceptionally quotable. I love a bit of American motivational speaking - I salute you retro man.

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