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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bikinis and Sin

 Well, look at me joining the 21st century, blogging from a notebook on holiday. It'll be Twitter next.

Here I am in Tossa de Mar, sat in a hotel reception amongst a load of kids who have better laptops than me and considerably more idea what they're doing.

The whole not drinking while on holiday thing is going fine. I'm in the sedatest hotel on the planet though. People order a bottle of wine, and instead of necking it and ordering another few, they have a glass each with dinner, then put the lid back on and put it in a fridge with their room number on for the following evening. Lightweights.

The Internet was right about non alcoholic beer in Spain. You can get it everywhere. It's called Sin, which I'm guessing means 'without'. Should be called Sin Sin.

I woke up early yesterday and went out for a short run before it got too hot. Loads of other people were out running. On holiday. Losers. 

I'm pleased to say I overslept this morning and only just made it to breakfast and have had no thought of exercising all day. In fact I'm eating as much as possible to put some weight on by tomorrow as my bikini bottoms are not feeling quite as snug as they should. We're off on a boattrip tomorrow and I'd like to dive off the boat into the sea (not that I can dive, but maybe I'll learn in my sleep tonight). And I realise I'm not going to get a whole load of sympathy for having lost weight, but it's not you who's about to show your arse to a boatload of tourists after bellyflopping into the sea now is it?

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