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Thursday, 11 August 2011


Feeling super smug this morning as I went for a longish early morning run round Barcelona. I ran down La Rambla, round the docks and along the beach. It was a good run as it was

A) Flat

B) Difficult to get lost. All I had to do was keep the sea on one side of me on the way, and the other on the way back.

I quite enjoyed running round Barcelona, as I didn´t look quite so much like a tourist while getting to see a bit of the city. Loads of people were running, and there was no telling who lives here and who was just stopping over.

We´re staying in a hostel here. The other inmates don´t know what to make of me (too old, too encumbered with kids) and have found the best thing is to pretend that we don´t exist. Of course I could interrupt their thrilling stories of trekking in Peru, or how many arrondissements of Paris they visited last week, with our tales of our beach holiday in Tossa, and intrepid day out at Water World at Lloret, but I suspect they wouldn´t be much interested. Or I could start stories with the words "Of course, when I was here 15 years ago you could see the REAL Barcelona", or "I remember travelling around when you were at Primary School...." but I´m guessing that wouldn´t win me too many friends either.

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  1. Ha ha, 5 of us older travellers and Aine (my daughter) stayed in a "hotel" in Stockholm a couple of years ago which was underground and bunker like and most other people were at least 20 years younger than us.

    Feel very poor next to all these rich kids who are slumming it in your adult life. But you can always feel smug by listening to the shite that comes out of their mouths!


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