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Sunday, 7 August 2011

900 calories

After record highs, I am now hitting record lows for recent posts, apparently you folk don't read this blog for the training bits. So I am shamelessly trying to pull you in with another fit photo of Anton because Kath is kicking my arse at the moment in more than one way.

We have in the last month doubled our readership, can I get a whoop whoop! This is good because we have decided to add advertising to the blog so we can (slowly) raise some more money for Moodswings.

 photo source here

What a god.

So this weekend has been pretty boring virtuous, I have so far done completed following -
  • 30 mins of yoga through online tutorials
  • cleaned my house - it was minging
  • 3 loads of washing
  • ironed stuff - I've never done this before, it's a strange task
  • cooked a low fat slimming world tomato and spinach curry
  • ran 13k - yes that's right. booya
 I have nearly been on the wagon (unlike Kath who has been fantastic - 8 months sober). I was good though, I only had two drinks on Friday after work and woke up with no hangover. This is apparently what you call 'drinking in moderation', I like it. I have never done this before, it felt good being able to wake up the next day without wanting to drill a hole in my head to relieve the pressure of my hangover.

Anyway back to the 13k run, this is the longest I have ever run. It was not (sadly) injury free, my foot was twanging so I had to stop a good 3 times to stretch the little bugger out.

But the best bit was I burnt a whopping 900 calories - I of course used this to justify eating a cream meringue desert from tesco (only 125 calories)
I am a whopping 100km behind on my training plan due to injury.

So I am going to try and keep it chilled today, I am stretching my foot out in my splint whilst writing this and watching the London Triathlon for some inspiration (these people are freaks). I am going to do some serious stretching in a minute (maybe some pilates) then I am going to head out for for a 5km gentle jog.


Kath - watch out, I am back you schlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.

Here's some photos from yesterdays jaunt round Sale Water park.

Laters  - Sammy x

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