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Sunday, 21 August 2011

The 2 hour run to the Trafford Centre

Considering I ran for two hours yesterday I am not feeling too bad. I predicted pain but other than a bit of hip popping and a sore ITB band I am pretty good shape. Yeah, it's not pretty watching me go down a flight of stairs but considering I think thats alright.

So here's the run, I was too knackered to put them on last night. It was a scenic little route alongside the Bridgewater Canal up to Trafford with the odd splash of industrial Manchester scenery and more dog poo's then you hurdle over.

Bacoffee Milkshake

Stretford Marina

Trafford Centre - view from the canal - interesting eh. I know its really not.

Barton Road Bridge

These are swans right? I'm joking.

These geese people were scary, I couldn't get past them for ages cause they kept hissing at me.

I'm tired just thinking about it. Thankfully it was a little rainy so it cooled me down a bit but running in 20 degree humid Manc weather makes you sweat in places that don't normally sweat.

So I am going to try and get a 5k run in before heading into town for some party time.

Happy 30th Birthday James - I bet you wish you hadn't left your 'planking' photo on my camera eh?!

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