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Saturday, 13 August 2011

12km Mother Truckers

12km - oh yeah, I am back. I don't know how many calories this burnt but I am reckoning shit loads.

I am happy as punch about this and now I have super rock hard nails calves which means I will probably be walking down stairs tomorrow like a constipated cowboy.

Do you know what got me through that run? The thought of an ice cream cone at the end of it. It's a recent rediscovery since having my tooth fixed and being introduced to colgate total.

But it didn't go that smoothly did it! NO, it didn't.

Dear boyfriend,  the only, only, only instruction you had was to ensure you got any other flavour of ice cream other than vanilla (which is the Steve Davis of ice cream, it's like wearing beige every day. It's too sweet and its boring and I would rather ice my knee with it than eat it). So how the $%£&; after TWO phonecalls about which flavour and after teasing me by telling me you found some' haagen dazs strawberry cheesecake' on offer did you manage to come home with a tub of vanilla! AGHHHA aaghhhhhhhh! You are lucky that you didn't get bludgened with the ice cream scoop, so next time you pick up a tub of vanilla think about how I have been telling you throughout our 4 and a half year relationship how much I hate it. Don't even think about putting your key in the door without bringing home an ice cream flavour worthy of a mildly hormonal woman who just ran 12km unless you have already pulled your own widge off as punishment.

Yeah, that's right.

Now would be a good time to meditate if I knew how. I shall just have to keep biting down on my knuckles instead.
Don't look at me like I am the horrible one, what you don't know is he eat nearly all of the Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream that he PROMISED he would share and didn't. And now he has a whole tub of Haagen Dazs to himself. That's just tight.

Here's what I saw on my run. Cool, eh. I'm always happy when I run past here and don't get bricks thrown at my head.

The Chorlton ghetto....

Peace out x

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