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Saturday, 20 August 2011

1,241 calories - 17.71km

That run was hell and it's still 3km short of a half marathon.

I didn't manage the full 18km because I literally ran out of path - I ran along the Bridgewater Canal until it ended. I could have run round the terraces once more to make up the 300 meters but I so physically and emotionally damaged there was no way that was happening.

This is the longest I've ever run, I always thought the biggest barrier was not fitness but the psychological one, it does get pretty boring after a while but I take it all back because I hurt like f%ck now.

Legoman head took these photos of me about 30 seconds after I got in. 10 seconds later he started moaning to me about his sore neck because he had been sat at the computer too long.

This is what hurts -
  • My right arse cheek
  • My pelvis
  • My lumber region
  • My knees
  • My right hip
  • My left foot
  • My shoulder blades
  • and my mind
There is a stink coming off me that you wouldn't believe. I am going to do yoga birds post run stretch video then sit in a cold bath whilst washing down 2 ibuprofen with a pack of butter, a loaf of bread and half a pint of red wine.

Tomorrow I anticipate I will be walking like John Wayne after a rodeo - in an ideal world I will get a 5km recovery run in but that might be overly ambitious.

Sam out x

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