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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wants and needs

I have a few wants at the moment which include:

I want blonde hair again and I specifically want to look like this:

photo source - sunday girl tumblr

photo source - cat party

I want to go here but no one will go with me cause you need to be a pretty creepy Smiths/Morrissey fan.

 I want to go to 'hey little cupcake' in Spinningfields and get freaky with some badass cakes.

Though more importantly I have some running kit needs. I have spent an inordinate amount of money this week on what my fella would call 'whims', I myself consider a two day SLR photographic course and a hot stone massage necessities.

The massage obviously is essential, as my body is for want of a better word 'fooked' and the course well that's because I have a super ace fantastic camera that I haven't got a 'scooby doo' how to use.

But the following items are perhaps more important in light of the training I am doing at the moment

This bad boy has some pretty good reviews. I will give you my own if I finally managed to pry open my purse for something worthwhile.
Yes, I know I still am neglecting my bojangles. You don't need to tell me, I'm getting cracked ribs.

Shock absorber running sports bra - £37 from Sweatshop 
Nike Tempo Shorts - £12 (sale) from Sweatshop
Not sure on the colour though, I like both. Obviously black is the most practical but then I am far from practical.
I also need a new gait analysis and some new trainers, my old ones are coming up to the 500 mile mark and in light of my little injuries it is time to invest in some pedicare for my little trotters.

After hearing some devastating news today I also NEED to lose some weight and run faster. I just found out Kath ran 13k in 1hr 15mins. She is going to kick my arse again!

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