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Friday, 15 July 2011

Shoe fun


Shoe fun to me means these little beauties, I don't just mean Michelle though she is hot! She is made significantly more smoking as a result of her little black pumps.

Instead of spending money on sports bra's and shorts and entrance fee's I think my pennies would be better spent on these bobby dazzlers. A snip at just £375, pah.

 Christian Louboutin - Simple 70 patent leather pumps *licks lips

But NO, I have to wear ugly biatches like these.

In the past 7days I ran 34.2km or 21.3 miles, completed one yoga class and a swimming lesson. I know that doesn't sound very impressive but you tell my knee and hip that. Tonight is a fast 8km and then tomorrow is my longest run ever, the dreaded 16km. 

I have purchased limb freeze spray, Glucosamine tablets and ibruprofen gel in anticipation of the mess that will be left behind from this run. I can also imagine there will be blisters and also chaffing - I'm sure it comes as no surprise that my thighs rub against each other like two sumo wrestlers in an embrace.

I am not moaning though, I am instead being sensible and preparing for ruin.

Can't wait. My reward for such distance is I am going to purchase some new trainers in that there London. Then I am going to run around London - so I will take my ipod for some blurry photos. Expect that post next week.

So as I am an underpronator, I shall have to buy trainers accordingly as this is most probably why I get injured (a lot). That and my pesky high arches.

So I have embeded a couple of videos here to show you what underpronator (suprination/or), overpronator and neutral runners look like. It is important to get the right trainers for your running style. To do this it is advised that you get a GAIT analysis at your local running store - they will film the way you run and recommend trainers accordingly.

For Manc runners, Sweatshop in the Arndale do this for free, bless them.

Also, I have to get up super early tomorrow and run this all before 10am cause then I am away down south to a 30th birthday celebration and a London visit. So I might schedule a couple of blogs but it might be a bit quiet on here because Kath is away in Poland, lording it about.

Peace out x

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