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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Shaved sheep and Ouzo

Dear blog

I have been a bad blogger, I haven't been posting. In fairness I have been in Anglesey at a rather gorgeous wedding and then I have had a couple of days of Ouzo (they didn't have Sambuca)/ Cider/ Vodka/ Champagne/ Red wine/ White wine/ Bucks Fizz induced 'FEAR'. Also, cause I got right royal battered in front of a load of people I went school with and hadn't seen for years - erm embarrassing. not cool.

Might show you a before drunk and after drunk photo in my next post. Kath has got the right idea, booze is bad.

So I am pretty depressed now, a couple of hundred quid down from drinking and stuff and with a nasty little knee niggle. Then I find out that Henderson has only gone and won a bloody competition for new trainers which I oh so desperately need and to train with a couple of players from the Wire.

She doesn't even know who they are!!! I bet she doesn't even know they play rugby....league.....very important that bit.....league - the best kind of rugby.

Well I am taking my green goggles off cause I do kind of love her and she deserves it (not the trainers though - she already has some). Also she gave me a £15 off voucher so when I buy mine so it wont be as painful.

And she looks like super sexy with a tan at the moment and I have kind of missed her at work a bit. A tiny bit.

Anywhoo I went for a run in that there Wales and it was proper BO. I stumbled upon a rather beautiful nature reserve on my 8k jaunt. Though I was a little scared cause I ran past what seemed to be about a million scary toothless men outside a pub on the way and then the landlord told me that I should definitely stay away from that pub afterwards. He also told me I was completely transformed once I got out of my running gear and put make up on - which was code for you're a minger without your make up on.

Here's the photos - apologies for the poor quality but they are from my ipod.

Dead retro is Wales

I actually thought this dude was a goat, what a tool - then I realised that it was a shaved sheep. I am a stupid towny.

These duckies made me laugh, they well thought I had food for them and came swimming at me dead fast. Suckers.

Ahh it was nice and I didn't get chopped up or murdered or anything.


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