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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sense and Sensibility

I’m beginning to think that running isn’t good for you.  Sam’s injured, cos she’s all wonky and the repetitiveness of running puts more pressure on her skew-whiff joints. James has hurt his knee and hasn’t been able to train for the last two weeks. Katy's had a chest infection and also hasn't been able to train. And one of the other girls on Mickey’s team really hurt her leg at the training session on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I’m still groaning every time I stand up from general all-over aches, and one of my ankles feels a bit bothersome.  I really don’t want something to go ping when I’m out running, so I am being super sensible absolutely all the time now. 

I’m keeping the ankle well-supported by wearing Converse boots when I’m not running. I don’t know why this advice isn’t more widely available, like on GPs’ noticeboards and stuff. I just Googled “support ankle Converse boots” and no running sites came up at all. You heard it here first.

I’ve been swimming a couple of times to try and stretch everything out. I miss doing a sport that doesn’t try to kill you. Well, except for the possibility of drowning, or getting hypothermia, or hepatitis. 

I’ve started doing lunges and stuff whenever I’ve got a few minutes to spare. This is often at bus stops or train stations and I look a tool. If you drive past and see me doing this please don’t laugh and shout “nutter” out of the window.

I did the Parkrun again yesterday and I knocked over a minute off my Personal Best, so I was pleased about that. And was the guy who came in just in front of me the last two times there to eat my dust? No he was not.  Coward.  My nextdoor neighbour was there though – he had time for a three course meal between his finish time and mine, but he is young and fit, which isn’t really playing the game. I was first in my gender and age group, but only because the woman who normally beats me by about a fortnight wasn’t there.  Hurrah anyway.

And I watched my first rugby match yesterday. I didn’t have a clue what was going on but I wasn’t really concentrating as I was also trying to laser my legs to ensure they are hairfree and aerodynamic. There seemed to be a lot of fighting which stopped when someone said “Move”. It is a technique I shall try with the kids.  Anyway, Warrington didn’t win and Wigan did win so that was pretty rubbish all round. 

I saw these signs when I got lost the other day.

I still have no idea why you can't shoot a microchipped horse.

Here is a microchipped horse demonstrating that the grass is in fact considerably greener the other side of the fence. I'd say "luckily now I don't drink I am on the greener side of the fence", but that would be, at best, vomit-inducing and, at worst, sufficient cause for my murder. No one at all would blame you.

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