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Saturday, 16 July 2011



This is a scheduled post, brought to you by the wonder of the internet. By now I should have *HOPEFULLY got up at 7.30am, ran 16k, eat something, made a butty for the car journey, ironed my new topshop top, showered, washed my hair and dried and straightened it. And I should be on my way to Hemel now for Zoe Aldridge's 30th shabang. Happy birthday you big Gazelle x

I am pretty sure that I haven't managed to complete a good 50% of the above tasks but if I get the run in and manage a wash I'll be happy.

So I haven't got time for a proper blog post so here is some truly inspirational music. This is my running anthem.

Dear Stevie Winwood, you rock my world. I would like to marry you, especially now but more so then. I am sad that I will never be able to afford to see you and Clapton blow peoples minds at the Albert Hall but I forgive you because one day you will be my husband. Thank you much x


It's all gone terribly, terribly wrong. I got up and got out by 8am as planned. The mister came with me, he was going to leave me at 5km and head home. Everything was working out beautifully and then I got hurt.

I had a brilliant run last night, did 3km on the road and 5km on the treadmill. My gait looked good, my hip, foot and hip didn't complain. I was pretty pleased with myself.

I guess it was a bit ambitious running a fast 8km then going straight into a 16km 12 hours later.

It was raining but nice rain, the kind that keeps you cool. At about 2km my knee started to grumble then at 3.5km running was becoming seriously painful and I was starting to run with a limp. I don't know much about biomechanics but I know this, running for a further 12km limping is bad and can lead to further injury.

So I had to make a decision so I pulled up and went home with the mister. Total run 5.21km.

The mister gave me a bloody good telling off as he knows I have a habit of popping
a few ibruprofen and one of my super migraine painkillers so I can run on. But I know this is in no way sensible.

So I am devastated and I also feel ashamed. I had a 5km run scheduled for Tues, if I have a couple of days off maybe I can get out for the 16km then. That would make me feel better because it would be a straight swap.


Anyway, here's an action shot the mister took. Check out the calves on that! Gross.

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