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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rest in peace legends

So Sunday was a special week for anniversaries (death anniversaries that is)

Sadly, some many moons ago the world lost some truly epic dudes, they do not get much more rock and roll than these boys. I pretty much run to their music all the time so I thought it was fitting to give them a nod.

Sleep well gents.

Brian Jones (Rolling Stones) died - 3rd July 1969


I once went to the hairdresser and asked for this haircut, you think I am kidding. It is the best mop in the business, I took with me a picture of Brian. I have since come to realise that this is not a good look for me. Though Brian wore it exceptionally well.

Jim Morrison (The Doors) died - 3rd July 1971

Was there a more beautiful looking man alive, I don't know. Very hard to say, he was awesome.

Ziggy Stardust died - 3rd July 1973

Just to be clear, David Bowie isn't dead. He just killed Ziggy off.

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