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Monday, 25 July 2011

Potato update - Shock Absorber review

I have a sports bra, finally - these inventions are magnificent. Does everyone know about sports bra's? Why have I not got one earlier. If you don't have one then go out and get one immediately.

Kath was getting very concerned about my boobs, which just confirmed what I always thought - that she has a massive crush on me and can't stop thinking about my chest.

 Photo source - here
I am never this happy when running - as if she is.

So she told me the shock absorber specialist run bra was going a whopping £12 cheaper (£25) on Amazon. I of course haven't spent enough money this month -  £7.50 is a bargain for a 3 sip cocktail - sort it out London, you can get 2 cocktails for that in the north. So anyway I got it.

I am going to give this bra a whopping 9 out of 10. It loses a point for not adjusting slightly longer on the rib cage. The straps are height adjustable, comfortable and wide for extra support but I had them on the longest notch and they only just sit right. I realise every one's breasts sit at different heights on their chest and it has become clear that I must have a pair of low hangers.

Yes, that's right. I would be better flashing you by lifting up my skirt than pulling my top down. I haven't even had kids and so I am obviously just unlucky. If you have serious low bangers then you need to try this bra on first to see if it suits. Alternatively, you could just stuff them up a little like I did.

That is actually a tiny grumble because this bra is ace, it is supportive and provide a nice womanly shape rather than the usual Madonna conical tit that most sports bra's create.

I ran a quickish 5k and I cannot complain, it actually felt like it pulled my shoulders straight a bit more which can only serve to help my back.

Result, bajangers are immobile and no longer sore. I also have no scarring or torn flesh from underwire. Brrrrilliant.

Shock Absorber is available at most good sports shops in store and online and is currently retailing at a very competitive price on amazon at the moment. Get on it ladies and boys with moobs.

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  1. I also have no scarring or torn flesh from underwire. Brrrrilliant.


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