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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Picking on a girl - aren't you the big man.

Sunday I was the object of some serious football discrimination!

I have been lacking clean running tops of late because I have been running so much - smug, smug. So I put my United away shirt on because it was pretty warm and I required its wicking properties from stopping me sweating like a badger on the M56.

So I went on a fastish 8km when the rain cleared up and there I was minding my own business running down the track back from Chorlton Water Park when some hairy monstrous City shirt wearing penis barged me into a puddle - ON PURPOSE.

Let me set the scene - there was loads of path even considering the size of my arse and his pieface. I was running tight alongside said puddle so there was plenty of room for us both, he was running in the opposite direction. He had more than enough room on his side but he PURPOSEFULLY ran at me so I went in the puddle.

I muttered 'idiot', not loud enough for him to hear because he looked like the kind of crapbox that would punch a 5 foot 3" girl straight in the face. And then got really upset because he was just mean. I was in a lot of pain with my knee and my attempt at dodging the crappy massive puddle made me twist it more.

I have to say I nearly started crying but stopped myself cause then he would have won - a foreign concept to City fans for the most part. But I am over it now cause I know I am a better person than him (despite what I am about to say) because no matter what football shirt a person was wearing I would never run them off the road or be so bitter and vindictive as that pathetic little man. And so I hobbled home safe in that knowledge that he is a fathead, I support a better team and he probably has a tiny penis and beats his wife and pulls legs off spiders for fun

Douche - why don't you pick on someone your own size, like -

On a brighter note, I then was very virtuous and got cracking on the 'list'. So I cleaned the house and then made a super healthy slimming world type meal.

Oh yeah and remember those baby geese that I thought were duckies or swans. Well - "babies all grows up".

Check them out - super cute.

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