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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Park Life

 Well, I've had a busy week training. Last Thursday I did circuit training. They'd laid out all sorts of instruments of torture in a circle, and we all had to pick one, use it for a minute, then move to the next. It was hell. We had to do things like press ups, which are impossible. And sit ups, which hurt for about a week. And skipping, with a rope, like I couldn't do at School and still can't now. And hopping over little hurdle things. The sort of things that you need coordination for, and should never have to do next to a main road that your ex may drive along at any minute. 

On Saturday I did a Parkrun. These are free, timed 5k runs in loads of different parks at 9am on Saturdays. It was really sunny, so I walked the couple of miles or so to mine.

I was up before these guys. Let sleeping ducks lie.

That's my pic of a coot. How it knew to dive at precisely that moment I'll never know.

Some of the many tourists who choose Bolton as their holiday destination.

It was all very lovely, and I was full of the joys of being up and not hungover at that time on a Saturday morning by the time I got to the park.  OK, yeah, I was smug. Til I got there and realised flipping LOADS of people do this EVERY WEEK. And turns out most of them are considerably faster at running than I am.

They seemed nice and friendly though, and I didn't pick up on the oneupmanship that was so intimidating with the tri-athletes training for the swim. I'm going back to do another one with the kids this weekend. I just hope they don't lap me.

It was the first meeting with Mickey and Paul and the other winners of this half marathon competition last night. Yep, that was me, walking into a room full of strangers of an evening without having a drink or two first. And the sky didn't even fall down or anything.

There are 12 of us, and we're in two teams. I'm on Mickey's and we'll be raising money for
Steps. We'll be having weekly training sessions and they're looking to make them "fun". Hmmm. 

They'll also be giving us advice on nutrition, which is key apparently. I just hope they already know about the benefits of a cream tea before a run. I may offer to demonstrate my extensive recipe repertoire. After all, they may not know how to make a range of paninis with a George Foreman.

The rest of the people are from Warrington (they all gave me that look of fascinated pity that people have when they find out you're from Bolton). They knew things about the route that we'll be running. Like pretty much all of the first half of it being up hill. I'm beginning to think it isn't round IKEA at all....

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