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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Oh Amy - Rest in Peace

Rest in peace Amy Winehouse

Photo source - here*

Oh Amy - what did you do? 

What a shame, she had an amazing voice. Now she is a card carrying member of the 27 club.
I loved her all the more for her Fred Perry habit and her beehive.

I'm really sad but I have to say I am pretty disappointed in the BBC News channel, they got a bit Amy heavy with the coverage and though it is sad less we forget there have been many more tragic deaths in Norway. BBC you are great, please don't forget it's all about balance.

No doubt we are going to get bombarded by Amy tracks in the next week. Here's my favourite that I listen to when running. These two are my Fred Perry dream duo.  Sleep peacefully. Big love x

* I got this amazing Amy photo from a very talented photographer on Flickr, if the owner is not happy with me using this photo and wishes it to be removed please email me. Contact details on my profile page x

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