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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Nob End

Sam and I have deduced that posts with rude names or pics of gorgeous men get more hits, so this is a cynical attempt to beat her readership figures.

Nob End is a local nature reserve where orchids grow cos of all the leftover alkalines in the soil from when it was a chemical works. I ran past it today on my way to Bury. I ran past most things on my way to Bury actually, many of them twice. Bury is a lot further away from my house than it looks on the map if, by any chance, you don't look at the scale on the map. Or indeed if you don't pay much attention to what the map says, and spend a lot of time running round random housing estates.

The way, when I found it, was along the Irwell Sculpture Trail. Not that I saw any sculptures. I think I was in my own world though. I didn't notice it was raining, proper throwing it down, until I had to stop when I came to an unexpected main road and realised I looked a tool in my sunglasses. Anyway, it was very nice, which is my way of saying it was flat.

And I did the parkrun again with one of the kids yesterday. I'm a bit of a fan of this now. The people are all really friendly and encouraging, and there's a community atmosphere around the whole thing. I knocked 19 seconds off last week's time, so have a new Personal Best (or PB as the proper runners call it). And I came in just behind the same bloke as last week. That's not happening again, even if I have to knock him over. Maybe I'll get Mickey to teach me some rugby tackles.

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