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Friday, 29 July 2011

Naughty purchases

Guess what I've been doing to fill the time (whilst not running much) - shopping! Well I did run 3k on Wedsnesdy and it felt okay.

Ahh, I love it. I have been buying very important running gear because I am sick off looking like I am running down in my dads hand-me-downs whilst Kath is running about like the imelda marcus of sports gear.

Sports Direct have a sale on at the moment and I have finally, yes finally bought the Nike Tempo shorts I have been lusting* for (see here for previous blog). Sadly, I have had to buy them in pink (yak). I am not a pink person and I am not that happy about running about in shorts that are the same colour as my spleen but I need to be a little more practical - they were in the sale.

Then I might of had to buy another nike pair called the 'phantom'. Yep, they make me invisible to the trained eye cause I am so fast. Or maybe they are called that because they have hidden lycra shorts underneath that suck in the cellulite and give a more pleasant sensation when running. They were v. expensive mind (£19.99 in the sale) but I had to buy them because they are so comfy.

I really needed running shorts because I don't have enough to rotate, there were moo cows in fields running away as a result of the pong coming from my well loved 'old navy' ones.

I can't be doing with these lycra shorts that Kath and Nikki wear. They make me look like the back of Roman Abramovich's yacht and reveal enough of my creases and bump and lumps to warrant an arrest for public indecency.
* I am disgusted with myself that I take such pleasure from buying a pair of running shorts. disgusted.
My other little treat  - a Karrimor wicking top with built in sports bra for £6 - bargain. More potato support, my boobs must think its christmas.


And these might have accidentally slipped into my bag, in error - whoops. Well I say in error, I didn't steal them - I just accidentally on purpose bought them cause they are so retro and seventies. And to think I used to verbally abuse my Mum for making me wear sandals like this when I was little. Though she did deserve it because she bought them from 'Latchford discount' and so I was bullied ruthlessly as a result. Sorry Mum.

So in conclusion - if you folks are thinking about running and have no kit, get yourself down to the sales and buy some wicking stuff whilst its cheap.

Big love Sam x

p.s. No one, I mean no one has sent me any recipes - this is a poor show and confirms what I always suspected. No one other than Kath's parents and Nikki from work read our blog.


Apparently Kath's parents don't read the blog either and mine definitely don't so that just leaves Nikki.

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