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Sunday, 24 July 2011


So I am not allowed to run much so I have been seeking fulfilling ways of spending my time. This is what I have been doing:

1. Eating...lots

Nando's chicken last night and for breakfast a packet of salt and vinegar discos and a quarter of a water melon. I might have a bacon butty in a minute. Protein and carbs are essential in preparation for a long distance run - though I won't be doing any soon but it's good to prepare.

Speaking of melons', did I mention that I got my first sports bra. I feel all grown up now. Like after I got my first bra which I bought swiftly after my mate Kathryn pointed out my 'Forever Friends' crop top in P.E. and laughed very loudly. I bought this despite not having anything to fill it with other than toilet paper, whereas Kathryn could have filled mine and hers combined without difficulty.

2. Watching telly.

I've now got a massive crush on Gene Kelly after watching Anchors Aweigh. He had an amazing ass and could dance like a champ, you've got to love a man who can dance. My boyfriend does a misguided dry hump dance, it's incredible that a man who can play the drums has so little rhythm.

Yes - I understand he is dead. Most people I fancy are dead. Gee he's swell.

3. Fixing and replacing all the stuff I broke or lost in London.

Including  -
My phone (broke)
Phone charger (lost)
SLR camera lens (broke - I dropped the fecker getting off the tube)
Fancy glass nail file (lost)

My Mum says I am not allowed out on my own anymore.

4. Sorting out the trainer situation.

Sweatshop in the Arndale are amazing, they took back my trainers irrespective of me having a run in them. They gave me a new gait analysis and then gave me a straight swap for a new pair.

In case you were wondering, I am not sponsored by Sweatshop. They have just massively impressed me, most other running shops will charge you for a gait analysis in the first place and I cant imagine they would let you return your trainers. They can be a bit more expensive than if you source kit from the web but in the long run (ha, long run. brilliant) it's worth the investment.

Though I reckon there is a photo fit of me in the shop window saying - 'don't let this picky bitch back in'.

Which idiot names a colour 'kiwi' and was it the same idiots idea to pick such a nauseating colour palette? I think I can be seen from the moon now.

Say hello to my new asics 2160's (bigger size). £60 dabs in the sale reduced from £90 (I got them for £45 cause Kath gave me a 15 squid off voucher).

5. Some more festivals.

I'm going to the Ben and Jerry's Sundae Festival today to watch Ocean Colour Scene and a have a jolly nineties nostalgia fest. I might throw myself into it and wear my Pulp t-shirt and a pair of flares with an old Adidas zip up, have poorly straightened hair scraped back into a high ponytail and swipe some Rimmel 'heather shimmer' over my lips so they look like a baboons arse.

and  then next week the Vintage Festival on London's Southbank, where I shall be going in full sixties regalia. I am going on the train this time, thankfully. I don't think I can stomach another Megabus journey with all the riffers and Margaret and her husband from Lancashire who narrated for the whole 4 and a half fecking hours!

"Look Margaret - look at all those taxi's"
"Ooh this bus driver goes a bit fast"
"Look Margaret there's a park, some student halls, a dog, a policeman, an Ambulance. Oooh someones having a bad day."

Dear Margaret and husband, I really enjoyed our time together on that bus. I especially liked how you read out every street sign you saw out aloud and how you managed to calculate the time it will take you to get home in comparison to your friends who went on the National Express. And the measurements of National Express legroom vs. Megabus.  I especially liked how you say 'buz' rather than 'bus'. How you moaned about single travellers,  how they shouldn't be allowed to pick their own seats and how the 'buz' driver should make them all sit next to each other so couples can sit together, despite the fact that you both sat next to each other!!!!

I really hope we meet again, perhaps next week on the train to London. Maybe we can discuss how I DID NOT push in front of you and then we can have a cup of coffee out of your flask before I beat you both to death with it.

I am horrible, I don't mean it really. I would normally find such people cute but I was tired and it was raining and I DIDN'T PUSH IN - SO WHY DID YOU CRAP ON ABOUT IT FOR 4 HOURS!


  1. Your blog made me chuckle :) The guys at Sweatshop are great, they really know their stuff. Hopefully you will be much more comfortable now. Happy running!

  2. Many thanks Pro Gait Analysis! Sweatshop are ace aren't they. I hope I am more comfortable too - though I am only truly comfortable either eating or sleeping. Thanks for reading! ;)


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